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Monday, November 11, 2013

Novella November: Sing for the Dead by PJ Schnyder

For a bit of context, check out my review of BITE ME, the first novella in the series. As I mentioned in that post, the best part of the London Undead series is definitely the worldbuilding. Schnyder gives us a great but short introduction to a very scary London, where zombies roam the streets of the quarantined city and werewolves patrol to keep the residents too poor or stubborn to leave safe. I had so many questions about where these zombies come from, why they're getting smarter, why they stay in London. We didn't get many answers in BITE ME but we get a pile of them in SING FOR THE DEAD because Sorcha, the female lead, has been dispatched to London by the Light Court to investigate the zombies and their potential threat to the Fae. Kayden finds her in a park, and things quickly move to a head from there.

What we learn -- which I won't explain here -- is very interesting stuff indeed. It was a development I wasn't expecting and it results in some great action scenes and a much wider world to explore in future stories. It's hard to discuss it without giving things away so I'll just say that it's a very satisfying ending and you'll definitely be intrigued by the zombies' origins and the reasons for why they are getting smarter. ;)

I also really liked the relationship that builds between Sorcha and Kayden in SING FOR THE DEAD. He's much more accepting of their bond than she is, mostly because Sorcha has a mountain of baggage. It's not unexpected, given her upbringing and background, but it's a significant impediment in their burgeoning relationship. But what fun would a paranormal romance story be without some bumps along the way?

The end of SING FOR THE DEAD definitely implies that there are more stories to go and I'm curious to see if Schnyder has a new pairing for us, or if we'll see more of Sorcha and Kayden. I like them a lot more than Maisie and Seth (from BITE ME) so I've got my fingers crossed! I hope you'll give this series a try.

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