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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Black Arts blog tour + giveaway

Faith Hunter BLACK ARTS tour

Today we are hosting Faith Hunter's BLACK ARTS blog tour! I'm a huge fan of this series for so many reason -- you can see why in my Daring You To Read... post for SKINWALKER, the first book in the series. The talented Ms. Hunter is now up to 7 books in the series now and it just keeps getting better and better. Needless to say, I need to send a big thanks to Faith and Let's Talk! Promotions for including us on the tour.

One of the cool things about this series is that each chapter has its own title. Faith is here today to share four chapter titles from BLACK ARTS and to let us know why she chose them. We have chapters 9-12 and now I'm really curious about this book. We also have a giveaway of BLACK ARTS, so if you're interested, be sure to stick around!

Welcome, Faith!


Chapter Nine -- “Not Human,” I Said. “Deal with It.”
Jane admitting to who she is. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak. (koff koff)

Chapter Ten -- Le Petit Chaton Avec Les Griffes
Leo speaking. Now why would he call Jane French names? And … any French speakers here?

Chapter Eleven -- Decide. Now.
All I’ll say is this is dialogue. But … Who in the world is so dang bossy? Jane? Bruiser? Leo? Hmmmm…. And what is being demanded of whom?

Chapter Twelve -- Do We Call the Police?
Why would anyone call the cops when they have Jane around? Unless … Jane is in trouble? Or a human is in trouble and Jane has other prey to catch? Hmmm…


Faith HunterFAITH HUNTER writes bestselling dark urban fantasy: Skinwalker series, featuring Jane Yellowrock—Skinwalker, Blood Cross, Mercy Blade, Raven Cursed, Death’s Rival & Blood Trade. Rogue Mage, a post-apocalyptic, alternate reality series, features Thorn St. Croix, a stone mage—BloodRing, Seraphs, Host, and Rogue Mage RPG and World Book.

Find Faith online on her blog, her website www.faithhunter.net, on PinterestgoodreadsTwitter, and Facebook.


Here's the scoop on BLACK ARTS:

Black Arts by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #7)Jane Yellowrock is a shape-shifting skinwalker who always takes care of her own — no matter the cost….

When Evan Trueblood blows into town looking for his wife, Molly, he’s convinced that she came to see her best friend, Jane. But it seems like the witch made it to New Orleans and then disappeared without a trace.

Jane is ready to do whatever it takes to find her friend. Her desperate search leads her deep into a web of black magic and betrayal and into the dark history between vampires and witches. But the closer she draws to Molly, the closer she draws to a new enemy—one who is stranger and more powerful than any she has ever faced.

Pre-order: Amazon | Book Depository

And here's where it all began:

Skinwalker by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #1)Blood Cross by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #2) Mercy Blade by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #3) Raven Cursed by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #4) Death's Rival by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #5) Blood Trade by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock #6)

And here are some short stories and e-releases, including EASY PICKINGS, a crossover with C. E. Murphy's Joanne Walker:

Cat Tales by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock short stories) Have Stakes Will Travel by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock short stories) Easy Pickings by C. E. Murphy and Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock and Joanne Walker crossover) Signatures of the Dead by Faith Hunter (Jane Yellowrock short story in STRANGE BREW)


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  1. why US only!!! so unfair i LOVE this series ^^( which is now translated in french but only the first 3 so i definitively prefer to follow the series in english)

  2. I am so excited to read Black Arts! I love love love Jane and Beast. :)

  3. I can only hope that there is more on the Jane-Beast-Bruiser-Leo attraction in this book....:)

  4. Can't wait to read this. I'm rooting for Rick. But thinking it's not going to happen in this one!

  5. Raonaid Luckwell4 December 2013 at 16:16

    I so cannot wait to start reading this author's work.

  6. I love Jane and Beast more with each book. :-)

  7. Looking forward to reading these books. Thank you for the giveaway

  8. The mailing guidelines come from the publisher, sorry!

  9. i know don't worry i was just hoping the publisher would make at least one post international to spread the love^^

  10. Oh, I can't wait. From the chapter titles, sounds like a confrontation is brewing between Jane and Leo, maybe? (not a big surprise, but oh so much potential for bad-assery!)

  11. I can't guess what is going on in the chapters, except more conflict between Jane and Leo, and possibly trouble from an outside source as well. I love Jane and I can't wait to read the story. :D

  12. From what I read there is conflict between Jane and Leo. I actually just started reading this series and love it. Its a great story....