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Monday, December 23, 2013

Night Reigns by Dianne Duvall

I'm behind on this great series so I'm trying to get caught up. I really enjoyed DARKNESS DAWNS, the first book in Duvall's Immortal Guardians series, so it's high time I dove back into this interesting world. (You can learn more about the setting on this page of Duvall's website or by reading my review of DARKNESS DAWNS.) This review will contain spoilers about DARKNESS DAWNS so don't read any further if you haven't read Book 1 and want to remain unspoiled!!

NIGHT REIGNS showcases a different couple: Ami and Marcus. As you know if you've read the first book, Ami is an extraterrestrial who was tortured by American scientists when she arrived. Seth rescued her but few members of the Immortal Guardians and their teams know about Ami's origins. All most people know is that she's important to Seth. Emotionally scarred by her experiences -- and who wouldn't be? -- Ami is slow to trust but she is devoted to Seth and David. So when Seth sends Ami to be Marcus' second, there's no question that she will do her duty. And thanks to her extraterrestrial nature, she's a bit faster than a human and heals remarkably, two attributes that she needs desperately, as you'll see as NIGHT REIGNS progresses.

Marcus is something of a bear. He's a loner who lives for the thrill of the chase. The adrenaline rush is all he has until Ami is forced into his life. He fights against her presence even when he's dazzled by her. His reluctance to open his home and his heart to Ami is huge because of a past relationship but their chemistry is off the charts so it's not long before he starts to succumb to her charms. I know that makes it sounds like Ami is a giant seductress but it's the exact opposite -- Ami is completely unaware of her appeal because her culture is so very different from Earth's and because she's not at all superficial. She's a babe in the woods compared to Marcus, at least when it comes to the romantic stuff, so NIGHT REIGNS is as much about Ami's sexual awakening as it is about Marcus' heart opening up again. Their relationship is actually very sweet and I really enjoyed watching them fall for each other. There's something very innocent about parts of their romance, even though the sexy stuff is pretty steamy. There's a really nice blend of sexy and sweet in NIGHT REIGNS and it made for a great story.

In the greater immortals vs. vampires storyline, we see some world-opening developments. There's a new vampire king on the rise, after Bastien's capture and realization that he is actually an immortal, plus some new interested parties are on the scene. As much as I love the romance, I find this part of the story so very intriguing. I can't wait to see what else Duvall has in store for us as the immortals' world gets more dangerous. Jenn

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