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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fighting Kat blog tour: Guest post by PJ Schnyder + giveaway

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Today we have a guest post from PJ Schnyder. I recently reviewed SING FOR THE DEAD as part of Novella November and now we have PJ here to talk about the inspiration for one of the characters in FIGHTING KAT as part of her tour for the novel, which happens to the second book in her Triton series. This is a full-length novel unlike the first instalment, which was a novella, and it's a real treat, as you can tell from my review.


Character Inspiration: Kx9-8775 “Max”

PJ Schnyder and Kaiser

Meet the inspiration for Max.

Kaiser von Romhaus came to me on Christmas Eve. He’d spent the first 2 years of his life trained to be a guard dog with full Schutzhund training, attack training, and the sort of high level skills taught to police and military dogs. The only human interaction he had was with his handlers and the humans he chased off the property he’d been sent to guard. When his owners divorced, they abandoned him and the other guard dogs in shelters - to be labeled unadoptable…

Kaiser’s breeder found out and pulled him out of the shelter before the awful happened.

I’d been researching German Shepherd Dog puppies and in contact with the breeder. Rather than meet puppies, the breeder asked me to come meet Kaiser. After introducing us, the breeder only said, “Merry Christmas” and sent us home together. I spent the next 6 months adjusting Kaiser to a suburban home and teaching him to respond to English as opposed to German.

Every pet is a family member. Kaiser became my heart, my comfort, and my courage. After my divorce, coming home to him made me feel safe. Our time together was too short and I’ll never forget him.

Unconditional love. Unwavering loyalty.

I wanted to introduce a character into the Triton Experiment series who embodied those qualities. A dog can do this in a way a humanoid can’t. Kaitlyn might be irritated with having a canine on board for a while, but sometimes hearts are healed by the least expected.


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Here's the scoop on FIGHTING KAT:

Fighting Kat by P. J. SchnyderBook two of The Triton Experiment

Intergalactic mercenary Kat Darah has been ordered to keep her shape-shifting ability a secret from everyone but those closest to her, for her own safety. She’s learned how to control the feral rage…for the most part. But when Lieutenant Rygard’s military unit goes missing, she’ll use every skill she has to find her man.

Lt. Christopher Rygard has witnessed his girl shift, and he still wants her. After Kat rescues him from alien clutches, he’d like nothing more than to wrap her in his arms again, but his first duty is to his men. And half of them have been shipped off-planet to be sold as slaves.

Kat and Rygard will need to form a new team to go deep undercover, posing as gladiators and learning to fight together in order to survive. In the arena, it’s all about who is the strongest predator…

See how it all began in Hunting Kat.

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