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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Fighting Kat by PJ Schynder

I haven't read the first book in this series but that didn't stop me from jumping into FIGHTING KAT, PJ Schnyder's latest release. I've really enjoyed her London Undead novellas (BITE ME and SING FOR THE DEAD) so I couldn't resist seeing what she could do with sci fi. And I don't think I missed much by skipping HUNTING KAT because Schnyder does a wonderful job of giving you the necessary context to jump into FIGHTING KAT without any major issues.

Kat is a human who's been changed on a genetic level by a virus forced on her by her captors. Surviving the infection, Kat's now able to transform into a panther and has enhanced strength and healing. She's an intergalactic mercenary and medical officer on a fancy spaceship, learning how to deal with her dual nature. Kat met and fell for Ryland in the previous novel and they're doing the long-distance thing while they figure out their relationship.

FIGHTING KAT does, as the title suggests, have a great deal of action. Schynder does a great job of writing interesting fight choreographies and scenarios and I was hooked by each new engagement. She has also created a very interesting world for her characters to fight in. I love the idea that there are all sorts of different aliens out there, with different motivations. Some of the beings Kat encounters in FIGHTING KAT are really weird and different, which is something I always enjoy in a story. Many of the most interesting reveals and moments come in the last third of the novel, when things really build to an exciting climax.

On the romantic side, I quite enjoyed Kat and Ryland's relationship. Their bond was formed under adverse circumstances and they have a lot of obstacles to overcome but you can't deny their chemisty. It would blow the top off of a thermometer! Their encounters are steeped in steamy emotion and their connection is palpable.

One of my favourite aspects of Schnyder's writing is that gives all of her characters a lot of history and depth.  Anyone with a good number of pages gets a backstory that has me intrigued. I'm particularly curious about Kat's captain, Dev. The hints we get are such teases and I desperately want to know more about it. But it's Kat's background that has me really curious, so I'm going to be purchasing HUNTING KAT the next time I'm in the e-bookstore.

If you're in the mood for an exciting sci fi novel with passionate characters and a twisting plot, look no further than FIGHTING KAT. Schnyder has created a great story that will have you hooked from the first paragraph.


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  1. Oh I do want to get into PJ's books. ALL OF THEM! LOL! I need to read them, this sounds like a great read I'd enjoy. :) Thank you!