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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Perfect Lies by Kiersten White

Perfect Lies is the sequel to Mind Games; Mind Games was a novel that I didn't enjoy much, despite the fact that I was extremely excited to read it. Personally I thought that Mind Games was bogged down by poor writing, so-so character development, and an uninteresting plot. Frankly before starting Perfect Lies I had zero expectations of enjoying the novel and I thought this novel would just be a lame excuse of a sequel. Perfect Lies defied all expectations and was a vast improvement over it's predecessor.

In Mind Games, the relationship between Annie and Fia wasn't convincing by any standard and I found that I didn't like either sister. Kiersten White has defined the sisterly bond between Annie and Fia so much better in Perfect Lies and readers will understand how close and yet so far away these sisters are from each other. I wanted Annie and Fia to set aside their differences and destroy the Foundation. I hated seeing them drift apart and it was heartbreaking to see the duo estranged from each other. I was shocked by how much I actually cared for these sisters by the end of this novel and it was incredibly sad to think that are no more books in this series.

Perfect Lies is a high-stakes, intense thriller and I was extremely eager to see how Kiersten White would end this series.  The plot of Perfect Lies wasn't perfect by any standard, but I really enjoyed reading about Annie and Fia. I truly wish White had utilized the characters' preternatural abilities a bit more, but otherwise the plot of Perfect Lies was action-packed and well thought-out. The ending of Perfect Lies (and of the Mind Games series) didn't completely answer all of my questions, but I was mostly satisfied with the note it ended on. Honestly, I wish White wrote a small novella that takes place after Perfect Lies to give readers a taste of what happened after Perfect Lies's ending.

Despite the fact that I wasn't a fan of Mind Games, I really enjoyed Perfect Lies and it was an excellent conclusion to the Mind Games series. Perfect Lies is definitely worth reading and it was truly a wonderful surprise! After reading Mind Games and The Chaos Of Stars, I was hesitant about reading Paranormalcy, but Perfect Lies has reinforced my desire to read this trilogy!


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  1. I was not a fan of Mind Games so I wasn't really interested in checking out the sequel. Like you said I didn't believe the relationship between Annie and Fia. I just felt that the story didn't give me enough information to feel invested. I'm glad to hear that this book was better though, maybe I'll look into checking this one out eventually to see how things will end.

  2. I'm glad this turned out to be better than Mind Games! I really didn't like that book, and while I won't be checking this one out, I'm happy to hear that the sisters' bond was written a lot better in this one. That was my main peeve with Mind Games.