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Friday, January 03, 2014

Reaver by Larissa Ione

Reaver and Harvester have a long history together, more than either of them ever imagined. After falling purposefully from heaven to spy on Hell and protect the Horsemen, she was caught and have been tortured by Satan for months. Reaver is determined to save her, despite opposition from Heaven itself and his personal dislike of the fallen angel. She is the key to avoid the war between heaven and hell, but she might also know more about his forgotten past. But will he be able to save her, and live to tell the tale?

What an awesome story! I've been craving to know more about Reaver for a long time and I was not disappointed! I was also happily surprised by Harvester. I always appreciated her feisty spirit, but I was happy to discover more about the angel under the fallen shell and learn about the reasons behind her most dubious actions. Reaver delighted me with his determination and heroism, and even his now being a grand-father doesn't make him any less sexy or hot. The adult scenes between the two angels were intense and spicy, nothing angelic about the encounters at all!

The plot itself was addictive and highly entertaining. I was hooked to my kindle screen from the first chapter, all the way through the very end. Ione provided us with a text full of twist and turns, delivering suspense, actions and emotions, all wrapped in a pretty package. I'm telling you, I went through a crazy roller coaster of emotions, from being pissed to shedding a few tears, I've enjoyed it all.  I really loved learning about the five thousands years before their memory wipe and I appreciated the intricacy of the treachery both angels fell victim to.

The conclusion was surprising and emotional, and I NEVER would've guessed the specifics. Actually, I was so engrossed in the plot that I never actually stopped to try and guess how the book would end. I loved the details and how everything unfolded. I honestly couldn't have hoped for a better ending.

At the very end is the first chapter of the next novel and it will feature Revenant (the seoul watcher) and, I think, Blaspheme (a supposedly false angel). I don't know much about Blaspheme because I haven't read all of the Demonica series yet, but I am very curious about her. I really can't wait to get my hands on a copy, but I haven't found a tentative release date yet.

If you haven't read the Demonica or the Lords of Deliverance series I strongly suggest you do so! You don't have to read the Demonica series first, but the story takes place before the Lords, and share many secondary (who were mains in Demonica) characters, so it wouldn't be a bad move either. Have you read either series? Will you give them a shot?

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  1. I've been reading paranormal romance lately. I'll make sure to add this to my kindle collection!

  2. its a great series :) you wont be disappointed. I suggest you start at the beginning though, to fully grasp the depth of their issues