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Sunday, February 02, 2014

A Lady and Her Magic by Tammy Falkner

When I picked up this book, I really didn't expect this story. A magical Regency romance, A LADY AND HER MAGIC is charming and whimsical, and while pleasantly entertaining, it's really not a novel for everyone. The light fluffy romance and the somewhat naive protagonist won't be for everyone, especially those who are looking for hardcore faeries. While these faeries have strict rules, they aren't scary  at all and aren't radiating power and strength.

The faerie lore is very original and while it somewhat lacks a bit in detail, I think it's the most interesting aspect of the story. There are different types of faeries, but the most popular ones in this story are mission faeries. Apparently, their purpose is to travel to the human world and when entrusted with a mission, they help humans through ordeals or with their problems. Sophia, the female protagonist, is a mission faerie but probably not the best one on the job. She steals this particular mission from her sister because she want to redeem herself and prove to the Trusted Few (the governing body of the fae) that she should keep her wings.

Right off the bat, Sophia fall for her charge's father, and the more she tries to help the young Lady Anna, the more she fall for the "dangerous duke." The Duke of Robinsworth, Ashley, is rumored to have killed his wife and while Sophia hesitates to believe the rumor of the ton, she is quick to admit that there might be whole different story that is hidden from society. The romance between Sophia and Ashley is obviously the main story in the novel and while Sophia's missions are the main reason she's there in the first place, I can't help but wonder why it takes her so long to accomplish one easy mission. As we learn later on, the missions are a set up but it just feels like there are a few inconsistencies and I just can't get past the idea that  Sophia and her grandmother are invited to stay over at the Duke's mansion, while they are mere acquaintances of his mother and had never met the Duke before all this. And invited for a party that goes on for more than a week no less... Like I said, there just seems to be something weird about the whole scenario, as if the author needed a reason for Sophia to be there, and came up with an "easy" justification.

The secondary character are what makes the story funny and light. Ronald the garden gnome will have you entertained every time he's in a scene. Margaret is also a wonderful character. As a house faerie, she acts as Sophia's maid when she's in the human world, and while she does what Sophia asks of her, she makes it known that she thinks the job is beneath her. Lady Anna, the duke's daughter is Sophia's mission, but the little chit is loud, spoiled, and uncontrollable (by anyone other than her father and Sophia).

The story is full of faerie dust that will enchant you and I still can't get over the garden gnome. If anything, he deserves his own book. Falkner charmed me with her easy writing and her whimsical ideas. I might continue reading this series when I'm in the mood for an easy and fun read, but for now, I'm left satisfied with Sophia and Ashley's story.


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  1. I have this one, thanks to Blodeuedd, and hope to read it someday soon.