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Friday, February 07, 2014

Assassin's Gambit by Amy Raby

I've admitted it long ago, I'm a huge fan of high fantasy, and Assassin's Gambit definitely met my high expectations! Castles, assassins and romance, is there seriously something not to like? Not only is the set up amazing, Amy's writing is also smart and smooth! The closest comparison I can come up with is Sarah J Mass' Throne of Glass series because of the whole 'assassin undercover in the castle'  situation, but the Heart and Thrones series is addressed to an adult audience and their heroines have completely different perceptive and objectives.

I absolutely loved the world Amy Raby created but I have to confess, at first, I kind of wished she included a glossary. The particular terminology wasn't the easiest to grasp at first, but I quickly got used to it. We were blessed with great forms of magic, originally channeled via soulstones. Magic users simply can't use their powers if they are separated from them, which I thought was a pretty original twist. Warmages and Wardbreakers were the two forms of magic we learnt the most about because that's what the main two characters are, but we also encountered Warders and Healers and I'd like to know more about them. Also, I find myself wondering if there are other forms of magic we have yet heard of. I truly enjoyed how the author introduced us to the different type of magics.

The geographical and political world were also a stellar point of this novel. Lucien is the emperor of Kjall, a country that invaded as many territory as possible in the recent future. Under the rule of Lucien's predecessors, Riorca, once an independent country, has been enslaved. Vitala, our star assassin, is a Riorca native working for The Circle, a rebel organization aiming to free Riorca.  There is also Mosari an oversea country Lucien's father also tried, but failed, to claim. The political intrigue simply kept me glued to the pages and I honestly couldn't wait to witness how everything would unfold.

Another aspect keeping me engrossed was the romantic developments between Lucien and Vitala. The two of them are very unlikely lovers, with her job being about killing him and all, but they slowly sneak into each other's hearts. I loved that it wasn't an easy relationship though and it was necessary to be believable. Their relationship started in distrust and it's a feeling that's hard to let go. Raby perfectly portrayed their struggles to trust each other, but also the faith they need to have as allies if they want to reach their objectives. I felt like they were perfectly balanced.

The storyline was perfectly paced to keep a believable timetable for medieval times, but also kept a good rhythm to keep the reader engaged. I never felt bored, or in need of more action. I thought everything was simply perfect. The different plot twists also managed to surprise me more often than not and it's another aspect I loved. The conclusion was particularly surprising and I never would've guessed how the conflict would finally resolve itself. Of course, not everything is settled and I can't wait to see what will happen for our heroes in the future!

Assassin's Gambit was a real treat for me and I have to urge you to get your hands on a copy. I already ordered book two and three (not released yet) and I can wait to sink my teeth into them! High fantasy at its best, I am convinced you will be satisfied!

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  1. Sounds like this book had an excellent world building and characters heh. I know the feeling of sometimes wanting a glossary.

  2. At least it didn't impair my enjoyment of the book ^^