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Friday, February 28, 2014

Obsession Untamed by Pamela Palmer

Following the difficult events the feral warriors had to deal with in the first novel, Desire Untamed, the boys are now looking for their missing, treacherous brother and the soul-threatening evil clone of Tighe. The latter is the star of this novel and he is dangerously attracted by a human his clone failed to kill. For some mysterious reasons, she 'stole' from him the visions that would allow him to catch the evil being, and obviously he can't let that happen. The problem is, she is an FBI agent, and she somehow resists his mind-controlling skills.

I did enjoy this novel and it's a good installment in this series, but I have to confess I liked the first novel better. Maybe it's the 'second-in-a-series-curse' but I felt more involved and more passionate about the first featured couple.

Tighe is an interesting guy with a shady and troubled past, but he came off as somewhat brooding in this novel and when I met him in the first novel he seemed kind of an easy-going guy. Maybe it's post-battle trauma, or even soul-splitted symptoms, but I didn't feel as sympathetic toward him as I thought I would when I first met him. Delaney on the other hand was easy enough to like and I loved that even though her body reacts to Tighe like crazy, she manages to distance herself from that and keep as much of a clear head as possible in the situation. Her hesitations to trust him made their evolving relationship that much more believable.

Steady-paced and satisfying, the plot did deliver even though this is all a big hide-and-seek game. The ferals have to lie in wait and hope to catch the clone when he makes a mistake, but the author managed to keep things interesting anyway. This installment is really filled with violence and murder and thankfully Palmer spared us the most gruesome details, most of the time. I'm alright with a good murder, but no need for too detailed, gory images in my mind.

Palmer managed to surprise me with some unexpected turn of events and I liked that I was kept on my toes. The conclusion proved to be rather original and even though I was trying to figure out possible outcomes, this particular ending never came to my mind. And who doesn't like a good surprise? Also worth mentioning, the "black dagger brotherhood' vibes I mentioned in my review of the first book weren't as strong in this novel, cementing its status as entirely different and original series in my mind.

Paranormal romance lovers will be serve with this gang of alpha males fighting to protect the world from demons. And if you love shifters, you'll be that much more pleased :) You should definitely give this series a try, and with the last novel already published, you won't have to wait between releases.


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  1. Thanks for the review Tynga! I have this whole series (autographed!) on my shelves, but have still only read book 1. I will have to put them higher on my TBR.

  2. Autographed? how cool! happy reading ^^