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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The Program by Suzanne Young

One of the most frightening things about The Program is that it's entirely plausible. Most sci-fi novels are extremely far-fetched and require readers to suspend disbelief, but The Program is so very real. Suicide is an extremely serious issue and it's become so wide-spread that it's not too far of a stretch to believe that the government would institute something like The Program.

I started The Program poolside and I only expected to read a few chapters and then go for a swim. I became so caught up in The Program that I finished it in one sitting and was nearly bawling by the end. Suzanne Young has written one of the most clever books I've read in ages and it's incredibly fast-paced.

There is a huge emphasis on realism and Sloane and James are extremely real, complicated characters that I absolutely loved reading about. Young sets up their characters in such a way that readers are easily able to connect with them and understand their motives. I really loved James's snarky attitude and his dialogue was extremely witty and intelligently written. I absolutely loved Sloane and James's relationship and how it drove the novel forward and added so much emotion and depth to the novel. The Program's pages seem to crackle with emotion and passion, making it an absolute must-read.

There is so much to love about The Program and the ending was so unexpected. I was so emotionally moved by the novel's conclusion and I immediately yearned for the sequel, The Treatment. Readers will want to read more of The Program's terrifying world and will be desperate for more. I truly hope that this series ends on a strong note and if The Program is any indication, The Treatment is going to be amazing.

The Program by Suzanne Young is an incredibly touching look at the way suicide affects our loved ones. This isn't your average sci-fi novel as The Program is much more emotional and delivers more of a heart-wrenching story than books like Divergent or Delirium do. The Program is one of my favorite sci-fi novels and I am so impressed with Young's novel.



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  1. I came across this a couple of weeks ago on Goodreads, sounds like a fantastic but scarily real read. I didn't know there was a second book, I'll have to read The Program soon before that comes out!