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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Iced by Karen Marie Moning

I was actually a little bit anxious to read this book. Published over a year ago, I wanted to buy the paperback anyways to match my other books, so even if the hardcover was available at my local library, I kept putting it off. To be honest, as a huge fan of the Fever series, I didn't want to read this first book of the spin-off series and be disappointed. In the other books, the main character of this spin-off series, Dani, wasn't really my favorite person and I didn't know how I felt about leaving Mac behind as the main character for the first time. Despite my apprehension, I ended it up really enjoying ICED, and to my surprise, I even started to like Dani, even with all her faults.

I think my major issue with Dani is the fact that she's a fourteen year old, playing the role of main character in an adult series. Her teenage ramblings and immature stunts can get a little annoying but I think I've started to look past that because she's actually a really funny character. Her spunk and her courage make her a true hero, in the real sense of the word, because with her super-strength, super-hearing, super-vision and super-speed, it makes her look almost invincible. Like any super-hero, she has her faults and vulnerabilities, and one of them is the fact that she's always putting others before herself, and she's always trying to save the world, one person at a time. Going back to the fact that she's fourteen years old, I don't think this book is appropriate for young adults with all the sexual references and the naked men. Sure, some young adults might end up reading it, but I'm just saying.

One issue I had with the book is its pace. The story felt slow at times and the build up seemed very gradual. To be honest, I think some scenes could have been cut out or at least edited without the teenage ramblings that were quite repetitive at times. Despite this, the anticipation was definitely there, and even if it was slow, the story still kept me interested. Sometimes I really appreciate a slow build up because it keeps me in the story that much longer, and in this case, I really didn't mind.

The writing was your typical Karen Marie Moning, with all the humour and sarcasm from her previous books. Dani is like Mac (from the original series) in so many ways, and I think that is a reflection from Moning's writing. I was surprised on how much I enjoyed reading about Ryodan, the mystery man (or whatever he is...) that owns the only bar worth visiting in post-apocalyptic Dublin. Ever since the wall between the human world and the fae world collapsed, everyone has been flocking his club called Chester's; humans for the thrill of interacting with the fae, and the fae to prey off humans.

Dani and Ryodan make an unlikely team and together they investigate the mysterious "ice" attacks that have been killing both fae and humans. And since these icey attacks could be one of the few things that can kill Ryodan, he wants as much help as possible to get to the bottom of it. Even if it means he has to endure Dani's antics. You can really feel the tension between these characters and I think Moning is a pro at describing feelings and developing these scenes, without really naming what's going on between the characters. Obviously a romantic relationship between a fourteen year old and an ancient being (who knows how old Ryodan really is...) would be a little weird but you can definitely tell there's something there. It's actually kind of funny to see how jealous Ryodan can get about Dani being friends with the teenage boy-genius, Dancer, and how he refuses that the half Unseelie Prince/half highlander, Christian be anywhere near Dani. This makes for a complicated love triangle/love-square but oh so interesting.

With everything I've said, it might sound like I didn't enjoy this book, but on the contrary, I think ICED is a great addition to the Fever world. This is just me being critical about something I really liked. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to newcomers, but it's a definite must for all fans of the Fever series. Usually, I'm a huge fan of spin-off series because it's a way to explore a literary world you love, through a different point of view and with new characters. In this case, the story is completely different from the original series, while still keeping true to the original world. Moning fans, add this one to your list!


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  1. I was really hesistant to pick this one up too. When I eventually did read it, I loved it. And I really started to like Dani eventually, while I wasn't a big fan of her in the Fever series. The pace could indeed be a bit slow, but I just loved this book so much I didn't really mind. And I really enjoy the writing style.

  2. I guess we were both hesitant but ended up liking the book. Can't wait for the next book!

  3. Nice review Stephanie, thank you. I think I will wait with reading this series until it is finished. I did that with the Fever books as well.