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Friday, March 21, 2014

Night Broken by Patricia Briggs

Mercy's life is never peaceful but nothing could prepare her for the hateful bitch that invaded her territory - Adam's ex-wife, Christie. Of course, she comes off as sweet as sugar, but she  is very good at manipulating people and making Mercy's life a living hell is on her menu. Her life is threatened by a stalker though, so Mercy has to endure her and for the pack's interest, she also has to pretend the situation doesn't bother her. Little did they know, Christie's stalker is much more than the woman let them believe and their lives will all be at risk.

Patricia Briggs never cease to amazed me and Night Broken was no exception. I truly enjoyed this new installment and the best compliment I can say is that even though it's the eighth book in the series, it feels just as fresh and exciting as the first one.

Briggs always find new ways to torture poor Mercy and bringing in the ex-wife, on top of two paranormal foes, was brilliant - and cruel.  We've heard of Christie before, but it was the first time she had such an exposure and I hated her right along with Mercy. She is the most hypocritical character I have ever encountered and her evil schemes and manipulating would put a check master to shame. I am just glad Mercy found a way - a pretty awesome one too-  to get back at her in the end.

Beauclaire, a fae we met in the Alpha & Omega series, is back and throwing an ultimatum at Mercy. Coyote is also back, for better or for worst. I honestly really like the latter's weird and mysterious behavior though Mercy would prefer straight answers from him. We also get to meet 3 new characters, a submissive wolf that didn't have much of a role this time around (maybe Briggs is setting the table for the next novel?), Gary, another coyote (Mercy's half brother - kind of) and Christie's stalker - a very mysterious foe. I grew very fond of Gary and I do hope we'll see more of him in the future. Maybe he will help healing Honey's wounds.

The plot was intricate as always and I truly enjoyed it, having no idea where Briggs would take us with all the different subplots. I couldn't figure out until Briggs decided to let us in, which threat was the biggest, Beauclaire or the stalker, and what was the link with the murders happening in tri-cities. I was completely hooked and read the entire novel in less than 24 hours, quite a feat for me, especially with a newborn on my hands.

The conclusion was exciting as always and I once more find myself wishing Briggs was a faster writer so I could get my hands on the next installment faster. It doesn't have a title yet, as far as I know, and is due for 2015 though no release date was announced.

If you are one of the lost souls who haven't met Mercy yet, I strongly suggest you pick up this series. It's one of my favorite urban fantasy series and I am convinced you won't be disappointed if you give it a chance.


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