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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Ophelia Prophecy by Sharon Lynn Fisher

I was really in the mood for some sci fi the other day so I feel quite lucky to have found THE OPHELIA PROPHECY on Netgalley. This is one special book. It's that rare sci fi novel that's accessible to people who aren't die-hard fans of the genre, with a minimal amount of technobabble and a lot of juicy story.

THE OPHELIA PROPHECY has two main characters: Asha and Pax. Asha is an archivist and Pax is the son of the amir of Granada, the leader of this Manti community. They wake up in a reservoir with no idea of how they came to be there. Pax takes Asha with him, to the dismay of both Asha and Pax's sister Iris. The novel evolves from there, slowly revealing the histories of the two species who now inhabit Earth.

One of the most interesting aspects of THE OPHELIA PROPHECY is that you really don't know whose side to choose. Asha and Pax are both extremely sympathetic characters and Fisher does a wonderful job  of showing the reader both sides of their world. It's easy to side with the humans, who've become an endangered species of Earth, but you can also understand why the Manti rebelled against their creators. I loved the push and pull that Asha and Pax feel, particularly Asha, as she learns that there were secrets in her home community of Sanctuary and she is forced to face some uncomfortable truths. Pax is also torn because of his position, his drives, and his beliefs. These come into high relief in the later parts of THE OPHELIA PROPHECY so I won't say much about the specifics but I will say that Pax is compelled to take a stand that causes no small amount of trouble for him.

There's also a romantic connection between Asha and Pax, though it's more of a biological drive for Pax, at least at first. Asha's feelings are much more confused since the Manti are supposed to be her enemy but she receives more kindness and respect from Pax than she does from some of the other humans she encounters along the way. It creates a real sense of conflict as Asha slowly learns why she was in the reservoir and has to reconcile what she's been told about the world with what she sees with her own eyes. Pax is also forced to face some uncomfortable truths about his society and family, making THE OPHELIA PROPHECY a compelling read.

There's also some interesting science in the novel but, as I said at the beginning, it's not the focus of the book. THE OPHELIA PROPHECY is very character driven; it just happens to have a science fiction setting. If you're looking for a book with political and emotional tensions, regardless of genre, THE OPHELIA PROPHECY should be on your list. Fisher has created a complex story and world and you'll really enjoy the ride.


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  1. I'm really excited for this one! I didn't read the review too thoroughly since I'll be reading it next I think and don't want to bias myself too much, but it's awesome to know that you enjoyed it :D