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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Treatment by Suzanne Young

The Treatment is the sequel to The Program and it is also the conclusion to The Program duology. Suzanne Young really does an excellent job of building the story that began with The Program and at the same time, tying up all of the plot lines. The Treatment is equally thrilling and poignant; this is one of the best series conclusions I've ever read by far. Young really wrote the perfect ending to this series and it was truly an emotional roller-coaster ride.

Sloane and James have escaped the clutches of The Program and they are now wanted criminals. The Program will not stop till they find Sloane and James, our main characters aren't safe anywhere in the country. Both Sloane and James decided to join up with a group of rebels, but how do they know if these rebels are trustworthy? Sloane and James have lost most of their memories and they have the treatment, a pill that would bring back their memories. Are the memories that Sloane and James lost better off forgotten?

Sloane is one of my favorite YA characters because her character is just so richly and realistically developed. Suzanne Young really knows how to pull on readers' heartstrings and my heart was constantly aching for Sloane. I truly loved how even though Sloane was in a less than ideal situation, she always tried her best to make the best of the situation. Sloane is a really clever protagonist and I loved how independent and strong-willed she is.

James always knows just what to say to make me laugh out loud, which really helped add some comic relief to this extremely emotional thriller. I absolutely loved James's dry wit and his banter left a smile on my face even after I had finished reading. James is truly a character that readers will swoon over and his interactions with Sloane were absolutely adorable.

The Treatment does an excellent job of demonstrating how damaging suicide is to peoples' lives. The world Young has created isn't all that different from the world we live in and it's not such a far-fetched idea that suicide could become an epidemic. The Treatment is extremely thought-provoking and really will make readers think: "Is it better just to forget the past?" I know some people would rather just leave the trouble riddled past behind, but Young really shows how people can use their woes to empower them. This is an extremely powerful and important series that needs to be read; there's so many important themes about love, loss, and moving on in The Program series.

The Treatment is extremely thrilling and addicting to read and I zoomed through this book because I was so engaged in the story. Young does an excellent job of constantly raising the stakes and creating a tense, ominous atmosphere. This is by far one of the best "dystopian" novels out there and few novels have really captured my attention the way The Treatment did. The Treatment was truly unpredictable and I was completely shocked by all of the plot twists, especially towards the ending. The ending to this novel was absolutely perfect and I can't think of any better way to conclude The Program series.


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  1. I had forgotten this book was releasing next month, and had decided on skipping out since I wasn't getting so excited, but now you've totally convinced me! I forgot how many issues The Program addressed, and now I have to see how Young concludes them in The Treatment. Great review!