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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bewitched, Bothered and Biscotti by Bailey Cates

After reading the first book of the series a few weeks ago, I had to find the time to read the rest of the series. Bewitched, Bothered and Biscotti is a good follow up novel, but I still feel like there could have been more to the story? Usually with paranormal romance or urban fantasy novels, there's a lot going on, but this series is neither. I guess I'm still not used to the relaxed atmosphere of cozy mysteries. Don't get me wrong, the story is good and entertaining but I think I miss that extra action you get with PR and UF. Instead, there's a lot of scenes about sitting around discussing things, food description, and scenes about eating the food. I love food as much as the next person (actually, I like cooking so I appreciate the foody scenes), but I think it was used as filler a little too often in this sequel.

The series revolves around The Honeybee, a bakery/coffee shop the main character Katie and her aunt and uncle opened recently. Business is going well since we saw it open in book one, but trouble tends to follow Katie around, and when I say trouble, I mean murder. Finding three dead bodies in a six month period shouldn't be normal, yet it looks like it will be the norm for Katie from now on. Although she knows she should stay away from this new murder mystery, she feels inadvertently drawn to the investigation. Actually, you might even say it follows her around since her spell group of friends is asked to investigate the horrible affair.

The magic in this series is very subtle. Katie might be a witch but not the kind of witch you would see in Harry Potter. Her talent lies mostly around green/natural magic, where she uses plants and nature to create potions, and minor spells. The approach to magic is very Wiccan, for Katie and her group of friends. However, the murder investigation centers around a secret Druid Society which the victim was a part of, and this society's approach to magic is a little less subtle. For example, she's magically attacked in her own home and with quick thinking, and a little bit of help from beyond, she's able to survive the ordeal.

While I usually find love triangles tiring and annoying, the one in this book is actually interesting. Katie still can't decided between a hunky firefighter Declan, and the witchy reporter Steve. She really could see herself with Declan, since he such a nice guy and would do anything for her, yet she find herself drawn towards Steve. Steve believe there's something magical pulling them together, making them meant to be, but Katie still hesitates between the two, especially since her broken engagement to another guys is still fresh and makes her hesitate to get involved with someone officially.

I probably said it about book one, but this series is very light and fun. Don't expect major action, but you'll find an amateur sleuth who will try to do anything to protect herself and the ones she cares for. What keeps me interested in this series is the easygoing characters and the complicated love triangle Katie finds herself in. Combining magic and cozy mysteries, in my opinion, is a pretty good idea. It adds a little flair to the mystery solving and a little spunk to the bakery food. There's definitely a recipe I want to try, that's included at the end of the book. The Cinnamon Raisin Biscotti sound amazing!


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  1. I am glad you enjoy it Stephanie, I really like this series. If you want I can recommend more good paranormal cozy mysteries :)

  2. Like you, I usually read UF and PNR, so I don't know how I'd do with cozy mysteries. BUT I'm willing to give them a try. Everyone needs light and fun occasionally, right? Another series added to the wishlist . . . ;)