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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hexed by Michelle Krys

Hexed is one of the most disappointing books of the year and I really expected to enjoy this one so much more. This book has an extremely irritating heroine, an illogical and unhealthy romance (that could possibly lead to a future love triangle), dialogue that tries too hard to be funny and a lack of plausibility. Paranormal books are usually my guilty pleasure, but Hexed was way too shallow and is a poor opening to The Witch Hunter series.

Hexed is the tale of Indigo Blackwood, a teenage cheerleader who lives a very normal life until a guy dies right in front of her. Soon her family's bible heirloom is stolen and she's being stalked by Bishop (an obnoxious love interest who is way too cocky). Supposedly, according to Bishop that if Indigo doesn't get the bible all of the witches in the world will die; to make things even worse, Indigo is a witch.

Hexed includes so many of my bookish pet peeves and it seems like nearly everything that I hate in YA novels makes an appearance in Hexed. We have a main character who's self-centered, rude, idiotic and who thinks the world revolves around her. Indigo constantly wants everyone to cater to her needs and most of the time, she acts painfully stupid to the point where she constantly needs to be saved by Bishop. It's a miracle that Indigo didn't die in Hexed because she's always make illogical, rash decisions and is constantly doing the opposite of what a rational, normal person would do.

The plot in Hexed is a bit of a mess and this book lacked plausibility and was a bit inconsistent with the plot's details. In one section of the book, during the football game the cheerleaders flash the crowd their panties and their bums even though there are parents and other adults in the crowd. No one ever finds this strange throughout the novel and what kind of a community finds this normal? I don't care if they live in LA, there's no where that kind of behaviour is tolerated and I didn't believe that not one parent said anything. Several times in this novel, Indigo references her biology class, but she claims that she took it last year one time and then a few pages later, she claims she taking it this year. The way biology is utilized to explain how witch abilities are transferred was ridiculous and made zero sense, as is most of the background info on witches.

Aside from two or three scenes, the rest of Hexed moves at a impossibly slow pace and it managed to annoy me in each and every chapter. The humor and dialogue in this book didn't help matters and they help underscore how unorganized and silly this book's plot was. Krys tried way too hard to be funny and as a result, so many of the jokes fell flat and were extremely unfunny to the point where I felt like cringing. There are only so many terrible, cheesy jokes one can handle before they lose their sanity.

The romance in this book was poorly executed and the fact that Indigo found Bishop attractive was unfathomable. Bishop is a creepy stalker who wears leather clothing in the middle of the LA heat and he falls in love with Indigo almost instantaneously. He shows his "love" by calling her a bimbo and he fits so neatly into the bad boy archetype--his character lacked originality. Truthfully, Bishop sucked at being bad and he came across as more annoying than bad. For some odd reason, Bishop also has a tattoo of a naked Betty Boop, something I never really understood the point of because all it did was make Bishop even more repulsive and perverted.

I wouldn't dare to continue reading this series and I can't believe that this novel is the beginning of an entire series. Hexed ends on a cliffhanger, even though this book has few plot events and I think the cliffhanger was a bit gimmicky. If all of the ridiculous attempts at humor had been deleted, Krys probably could have integrated the 2nd book into Hexed. So far, I've seen so much praise for this book and I feel as if there's something I'm missing.

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  1. Agreed with everything up there. I just finished reading it. I'm sure my review will run along the same, if I don't force my blog partner Kate into writing it for us. So gimmicky and cliche, not at all original and isn't good enough to make for guilty pleasure reading.