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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters

The Last Policeman is a clever blend of mystery and science fiction elements and this is one of the strangest novels I've read in a while. Though The Last Policeman is a hybrid of many genres, it works so well and this is an absolute must-read. I can definitely see why this book has received so much acclaim and it deserves so much more hype!

The world is going to end because of an asteroid that is scheduled to hit Earth in 6 months and the chances of survival are non-existent. Hank Palace decides to spend his last 6 months on Earth investigating a chain of suicides and deaths that have occurred in his small "Hanger Town".  So many people have already hung themselves, so it should be no big deal when Palace finds the body of Peter Zell in a McDonalds bathroom. All the signs say that Zell committed suicide, but Palace has this gut feeling that there's more to this case. While the rest of the world decides to prepare until the end, Palace is determined to solve this case.

Hank Palace is an enigmatic character I loved to read about and his character is almost as much of a mystery as Peter Zell's suicide. Why does Palace feel the need to solve this suicide? Why is he so determined? I loved Hank's fierce determination and how he continued to pursue this case even when all of his colleagues claimed that the case was a dead end. Hank is a bit of an introverted character and I truly felt for him and his situation because I felt a deep connection with him. It's extremely easy to root for Hank Palace and I loved how he doesn't conform into society's standard of what a hero is.

The Last Policeman is an excellent mystery with a noir-like feel and yet, it defies so many mystery tropes. The mystery in this novel is filled with twists and turns and I never figured out who the killer in this book was which is a testament to Winters's talent. I usually am an expert at figuring how who the killer is in mysteries novels, but Winters managed to stump me in The Last Policeman. This is an extremely well-written, cinematic mystery that will captivate mystery fans and sci-fi fans alike.

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