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Sunday, June 01, 2014

The Faerie War by Rachel Morgan

I love finishing a good trilogy but I find it's always bitter sweet. Especially when it's about an amazing paranormal world with amazing characters. With THE FAERIE WAR, I really enjoyed reading the conclusion to Violet's and Ryn's story but on the other hand, the author created such a wonderful world that it's hard to let go of it. It feels like so much more could be told about the life of two main characters now that the story has reached its end. Also, because the world she created is so vast and colourful, I really hate letting it go.

The end of book 2 was such a shocker and while I didn't want to reveal too much in my review The Faerie Prince, it's impossible to review this book without mentioning it. So slight spoiler, be warned, but nothing the synopsis doesn't reveal. At the end of book 2, Violet is so upset and mortified by what her actions caused that she literally makes herself forget everything. She remembers nothing about herself except her name. This final book of the trilogy opens with her being alone, and captive of a group of Reptiscillia, reptilian fae that usually don't look kindly upon guardians. Even if Violet doesn't remember being a guardian, her marked arms identify her as one. The fact that she can't remember anything doesn't help her case and the Reptiscillia are even more suspicious of her. It's interesting to learn more about this amazing fae world through a blank slate, and Violet's amnesia definitely makes her a blank slate. She eventually befriends them and they become unlikely allies in a dangerous fae war.

The first two books concentrate on faeries mostly but now since the whole fae world has been plunged into a cold war, we see the different fae races band together to fight evil, which include creatures like the Reptiscillia, elves, mermaids, etc. Draven, the new self-proclaimed leader of all fae has genocidal ideas to cleanse the race, or at least eliminate any threat to his power. A teenager suffering from a broken heart, Draven is driven mad when he comes in contact with the evil power of Tharros, an ancient evil that was thought long forgotten. With his newly found power, his brainwashing abilities allows him to gather an army of faerie guardians and other strong fae. Obviously, a broken heart plus an army equals a very bad idea.  This is my only major issue with the story. I have a hard time understanding how being dumped would make a boy turn into something so evil, but probably the lure of Tharros' power would make any normal person insane and irrational.

My favorite part of the novel is the interactions between Violet and Ryn. Apart for so long because of Violet's captivation and Ryn's quest to find the only weapon against Tharros, the couple's burgeoning relationship is called into question because of  Violet's memory loss. Ryn's confusion is obvious and as a reader you really feel his anguish over not being remembered by the girl he's given his heart to. Violet can't help but not remember her feelings for Ryn, and while Violet feels an attraction to this boy, even with her amnesia, she fears she could never be the old Vi, the Vi he fell in love with. It makes for an interesting relationship problem and an intriguing twist to the story.

I find the writing of this novel not as fluid as the previous two, but overall, I'm really pleased with the conclusion of the trilogy despite it ending so soon. The war is over, and despite all the losses, it feels like Violet and Ryn's story isn't quite finished. It leaves us with too many possible options. Rachel Morgan has gained a spot on my author radar, and I'll definitely be on the lookout for her future releases. This trilogy proves that indie books shouldn't always be ignored and this is definitely one you don't want to snub.

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  1. THanks for this post. I am going to check this ebook out. It sounds like a wonderful read. Keep the reviews comming