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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Merciless by Danielle Vega

I'm always looking for a good YA horror novel because sadly there are so few of these types of novels out there. The majority of YA books that are classified as horror are far from being frightening and so, The Merciless had tough shoes to fill. Much to my delight,  The Merciless is one of the best horror novels I've ever read and it is easily one of my favorites books of the year so far. With a plot that screams Stephen King meets Mean Girls, what's not to love?

Sofia really got in with the wrong crowd, she never expected to get involved with an exorcism. At first she thought Riley and her friends wanted to help Brooklyn, but things quickly escalate when Riley traps Brooklyn in a house with the rest of the girls. If Sofia can't figure out how to save Brooklyn from Riley and herself, there will more than a few drops of blood shed.

The Merciless starts off like so many novels with the new girl trying to fit in with the popular kids, expect this time around there's a lot more blood, baptisms, and exorcisms. The girls spy on Brooklyn and everything is pretty innocent at first, giving The Merciless a Mean Girls. Vega even references the infamous burn book and she perfectly captures the atmosphere of high school in the opening chapters.

Readers who enjoy the opening chapters might not enjoy the rest of the novel because the rest of the novel is much darker in tone. Gone is the light atmosphere and Vega definitely means business in the rest of this novel because she never holds back. The rest of  The Merciless is gloriously twisted and messed up, providing readers with some of the creepiest imagery I've seen in a novel recently. You won't want to read this one in the dark because Vega's prose will get under your skin and give you chills.

The Merciless moves at an incredibly quick pace and getting through this novel was an easy feat. I was extremely engaged by the ominous, strange aura that this novel gave off and once I started The Merciless, this novel became the center of my attention. I'm a reader who lacks the ability to give a book my undivided attention because I easily get distracted, but The Merciless was able to capture from the start. This whole novel is bizarre and it's unlike anything I've ever read, which isn't something I throw IMF the law. around lightly.

Considering it's the 1st book in a series, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that Vega ends this on a cliffhanger. This is the type of cliffhanger that will infuriate you and make you so curious about book 2. Vega did an excellent job at setting up this conclusion and for managing to surprise readers until the very end.

The Merciless isn't for everyone, but those who have twisted, dark minds will absolutely love it. If you're looking to read this book, Prepare yourself one of the most horrifying book you've read in ages!

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