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Friday, June 06, 2014

Up From the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

After living a quite life for a little while, Cat is once again thrown under the bus and this time, the stakes are higher then before. Her husband and she will have to deal with probably the biggest conspiracy the paranormal world has faced and the consequences could be as dire as full-out war between ghouls and vampires. Cat has an even bigger interest in the game and she's reading for anything to come out on top.

Up from the Grave is the final installment in the Night Huntress series and it's with an heavy heart, yet lots of excitement that I launched into this novel. It took me forever to read it because I started it, and then my daughter was born, no time to read and what not, so I guess life forced me to savor this last Cat and Bones adventure and I liked it.

Cat evolved so much over the course of this series, and in this particular installment, she shows a lot of maturity with her decisions. She faced impossible grief in this novel, twice over, which I thought was particularly cruel miss Frost, and my heart broke right along with Cat's. I became really attached to this young woman and her life was earthshaking-ly transformed in the most surprising way. I honestly never foresaw the plot twist Frost brought to the table for her grand finally.

Bones is as awesome as ever though he would deserve one hell of a spank for a prank he pulled on cat. Ian who has been painstakingly earning a bigger and bigger place in heart over the course of the series proved once again by his loyalty why I love him so much. I really, really hope he gets his own novel in the Night Huntress World series.

Even though it took me a small eternity to read this book in its entirety, I was furiously turning pages any moment I did have time to read because I simply couldn't get enough. I didn't have that sparkly new young love feeling I had when I read Halfway to the Grave, but rather this slow burning love you feel for someone you know so well and loved for years. I am really sad to say good bye to C&B as main characters, but I have hope to cross their paths against in a Night Prince or Night Huntress World novel, so it puts a balm on my broken heart.

Jeaniene wrapped up this series quite nicely and the conclusion left me satisfied. Of course I'd like to be a ghost to spy on them and see how they manage their new life style, but I feel like they've come a long way and deserve their peace!

The Night Huntress series is one of my favorite urban fantasy series and I urge you to pick it up. With all the books now released you won't have to suffer between each releases like I did!


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  1. When this first came out I wanted to read it and didn't because it's the end. I agree, the ending is satisfying and it was great she didn't leave us hanging. Well, except for Ian's book!

    Paranormal Haven

  2. yeah i do hope he gets one!