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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Charms and Chocolate Chips

This third book of the series was very similar to the first two and while I still got through it, it almost feels like the series is stagnating a bit. The overall story was enjoyable and the book itself was well written but now I know why I don't read many cozy mystery series: I get bored after a while.

It was, however, nice to learn a little bit more about the main character's magical abilities. We've know from the start that Katie's not just a normal hereditary witch. She's a catalyst and she amplifies anything magical surrounding her. Whether she's attracted to murder scenes or whether she actually causes them is still up in the air, but one thing's for sure, she's good at helping solve the murders. In the previous book, we also learnt that she a lightwitch and we still don't really know what that entails. Hopefully we'll learn what a lightwitch is soon and maybe the next book will expand on it a little bit more.

As for Katie herself, she's starting to get on my nerves. She's known for months now that's she's a lightwitch and if I was in her position, I would definitely make the effort to find out what exactly that means. I wouldn't leave it to chance or to the next murder mystery to reveal more about my powers. Her let it be attitude is definitely the opposite of mine and although I like her as a character, I wouldn't be able to stand her as a friend. The game she's playing with the two guys in her life, Declan and Steve, is mean. She's leading both of them on, and at the moment she's with Declan but she's being friendly with Steve too. Declan's a little jealous of this, I think, and Katie has to continuously reassure him that she's just friends with Steve. I think she's trying to reassure herself at the same times and whether or not she believes what she says is still unclear.

The actual murder story was well thought out. The woman who was murdered was the leader of a conservation group called Georgia Wild that's trying to save a swamp from being turned into a corporate golf course. Since Katie has a strong affinity to plants, it's only natural for her to volunteer for the group. There are many suspects in the case and all of them could have done it, but the writer lets the story brew for a long time. We only learn right at the end who the real murderer is and it's someone I really didn't suspect.

My favourite character is still Mongo, Katie's familiar dog but I am a little worried about him eating human food. He's quite a glutton but at least Katie is starting to limit what he eats. I know some people hate when writer humanize the animals in their story, but I'm all for it, especially when it comes to dogs. I'm such a dog lover that I don't mind at all. Anyways, Mongo is such adorable that I don't think many people who read cozy mysteries care all that much. He's an adorable and loyal little guy.

Since I've committed to this series, I will definitely continue reading it but be aware, it's not one of my favourites. It's a good change from what I usually read so it's a good diversion. I'm just hoping the next book will reveal more about Katie's abilities and I truly hope she'll finally decided which guy she wants to be romantically involved with.


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  1. Great review, the cover of the book is so cute! I've never heard about this series, but might check it out. Especially since you did like the previous books :).