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Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Countdown City by Ben H. Winters

While most people are off celebrating their last days before the apocalypse, Hank is still trying to solve mysteries and help his neighbors out. Countdown City continues the story that began in The Last Policeman, but this time around things are getting grimmer as the apocalypse quickly approaches. Tensions are at an all time high in this novel and the pacing has really picked up, making the story easier to get lost in and I was so eager to read this entire novel. I read this book in less than an entire day because I was so glued to the page and I couldn't stop reading, despite the fact that I had work that day. I am so glad that I have the third book handy because this is the perfect series to binge because each book is so thrilling and addicting.

Hank is asked to help a woman find her missing husband, the problem is that Hank has no really authority to bring her husband back. Things are chaotic as the asteroid looms closer and closer,  Hank  technically no longer works for the Police and the whole department is no longer concerned with cases. Hank feels a duty to help this wife out, but finding someone is extremely difficult especially when they don't want to be found...

Countdown City is another fabulous noir that mixes mystery and science fiction elements to create a gritty, realistic thriller. Winters is a master at creating mysteries and this adventure is his best yet with tons of twists and turns that keep readers interested. I loved how Winters incorporates so many details into each of his mysteries and how these details come together to create a clearer picture of the mystery at hand. With each book in the Last Policeman, readers will see a much broader, more frightening view of a world that's waiting for the apocalypse; few science fiction novels are as plausible or as frightening as Ben H. Winter's Last Policeman Trilogy. I'm extremely excited to see how it all ends in A World Of Trouble, but I have a feeling it's going to be excellent!



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  1. I really need to sit down and read this! I started it but I ended up getting really busy and I haven't picked up again, but I loved the first one. I love how different it is. Great review!