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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Haunted by Meg Cabot

If you haven't figured it out, I LOVE this series. If you haven't read it yet, you are seriously missing out!

Suze is beginning her junior year of high school in book number five. Obviously, that means a ton more shenanigans are about to ensue. With Suze, nothing is ever easy. However, she's really preoccupied with the fact that Jessie, the murdered ghost that resides in her bedroom that she has actually fallen in love with, has not kissed her yet. I mean, hello! This boy is the love of her life and he hasn't kissed her yet. I'd be a little preoccupied if I had an attractive ghost living in my room, too. But I mean, it's Jesse we are talking about. I have yet to encounter a soul who does not like Jesse and I am pretty sure that I will never actually encounter someone that dislikes Jesse because he's impossible to dislike.

The book immediately starts off with a twist because someone who she encountered in book four is now attending her school. This pace does not let up throughout the entire book. It seems that there simply cannot be enough mediators popping up all over Suze's world! However, this person is both essential to learning what she is capable of and annoying as an individual can be. There's some sort of a love triangle in this book, except we all know that nobody can beat Jesse. This doesn't stop the new "love interest" from attempting to win Suze's heart at any means necessary. He is so arrogant and pigheaded that he can't imagine anyone being with her but him. There's some testosterone flying in this book!

CeCe, Suze's best friend, makes another appearance in this book, so it's really great to watch even further character development between Suze and the people who have been in her life from the very beginning. Jesse and her new family are great, but CeCe knows more about her then nearly anyone else in the series. Except, of course, that she can speak to ghosts. So watching the two of them further their friendship and Suze open up about certain things she never opened up to CeCe before was great and super well done.

But the ending! The ending made me so happy! It will definitely satisfy any fan of the series. If you're anything like me, you will immediately run for book six because, boy, that was perfect. The romance in this series is always perfect, even if you want to throw your book at the wall sometimes. Cabot does everything for a reason, even if you don't realize it until you look back in time. Read this series, guys. Read it! Just trust me and read it. Perfect for humor fans, romance fans, and fantasy fans alike.


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  1. Nice review Lili, I will try to pick up this series someday.

  2. I have the first two books on my shelf, and will definitely check them out soon. Thanks for the review!