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Friday, July 04, 2014

Lover Avenged by JR Ward

I was curious to read Lover Avenged because Revhenge has always been so mysterious and while this novel wasn't my least favorite of the series, it is far from being my favorite. Despite my curiosity, I've never been a fan of this male and I think I would've been perfectly fine seeing him evolve as a secondary character, not really getting the spotlight. To be fair though, this character does have interesting depth and I enjoyed, if not loved, his story.

Ward excel at reuniting completely opposite personalities and she worked her magic on this novel as well. Up front, Revhenge is a drug lord, pimp, drug addict, sex slaves AND a sympath. In short, no one a father would want his daughter to date. Ehlena on the other hand is a very sweet girl, a nurse sacrificing her life to care for her sick father. When they meet and start interacting though, we realize they are much more similar than one can first presume and it was nice to watch 'em 'dance' together while getting to know each other. Both have noble values, just completely different way to execute them.

I really liked the insight in the sympath community. We've heard tidbits here and there along the way but in this book everything was disclosed and it satisfied my curiosity. Not sure I would like to explore further though.

I am a big fan of Ward, but something just felt off while reading this novel and I simply can't put my finger on it. She always writes long novels, but this one felt particularly long while reading it.

In the end, I think I was more anxious to know what would happen between Xhex and John Matthews, which doesn't make sense since they are only suppose to be subplot in this novel (and there were many subplots by the way...). The next book features them though, so I guess Ward wanted to set the table for the action to come.


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  1. I read this one as well and I wasn't a big fan of Rhevenge ... The one with John and Xhex is better, but this subplot abundance can sometimes be a bit confusing! So many characters who get really big chunks of the book!

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