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Friday, July 18, 2014

Queen of Hearts by Kristen Painter

Queen of Hearts is the second novella in this multi authors novella series, and unlike what I expected this one is featuring a new set a characters, Claudette and Jason.

I really enjoy this series and the world where it's taking place. It's surprising how authors manages to write such rich stories with so few pages, especially when each story is written by a different author but it works perfectly. Even though Carlson and Painter each have their own flair, the transition between both novellas was really smooth and I can only command them for it.

The plot really was a fun ride with Claudette falling for her target and turning all white knight on him. Of course they fall for each other a bit too quickly, but it can't be helped with a 100ish pages story. They developed a nice chemistry though and I enjoy it. The introduction of grimalkins and gargoyle was a pretty nifty idea!

The conclusion was stressful but once again satisfying and I can't wait to know who will be featured next and which author will write that story!


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  1. Two books into this series and I love them. Like you, my complaint is that they are too short, which makes things like falling in love too quickly a necessity. Can't wait for the next book, wish I knew when it came out and who was writing it.

  2. Same here! I hope its soon :)