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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Twilight by Meg Cabot

I was really worried about this book because this is the end of the series. It can either be really amazing because everything I wanted to happen occurred or it could be really bad because the opposite of what I wanted happened. Well, everything I wanted to happen and more occurred in this book and I found myself crying happy tears at the end of this novel because I was beyond satisfied by this series as a whole. It's been a while since I have been so immensely satisfied by a series before. And now I am doubly excited for future Meg Cabot books because she has announced a book seven for this series! My nerves are coming back only because I was so satisfied with the ending. I don't want anything to mess up my happiness. But, if there's anything I learned about Meg Cabot, it's that she always delivers a happy ending.

The romance was do or die in this book. What shocked me about this series is that I became so heavily invested in this romantic relationship. While I love romance, I can live without it, so it's huge for me to become so invested in a ship. But I wanted this ship to set sail and dock successfully. While I can't tell you the fate of Jesse and Suze, I can tell you that I am overall satisfied with the tale, even though there was a lot working against them in this (previous) final installment.

The plot in this one is just as crazy as the love story. Picking up a few weeks after the ending of book number five, Suze is still learning more about her abilities through an uneasy truce with Paul that is more out of necessity than it is desire. He's a little more bearable, though, so that's a plus. However, Paul made a huge discovery in this book, one that can alter the universe and Suze's life as she knows it. Determined to change his fate against the warnings of all his peers, he explores this new-found talent and puts everyone in jeopardy. Against her better judgment, the hero in Suze is determined to follow Paul into the unknown to save her family, her life, and her love. It's all very dramatic really, but dramatic in the best possible way. It had me flipping pages at a lightning fast speed and holding my breath in anxious anticipation.

All of these aspects combine to make the perfect ending. I couldn't have asked for more suspense or romance, nor would I change a thing. It is a rare moment that a book truly leaves me speechless. Take note, people! While I think this series ends perfectly, I am already counting down the (many) months between now and the eventual release of the much anticipated book seven!


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  1. I absolutely agree with u. The ending of the series can either end my relationship with the characters or tighten the bond further. I too loved this series to end. And am excited abt the seventh book!