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Sunday, July 06, 2014

Under the Dome: Part Two by Stephen King

I reviewed Part One of this book a few weeks ago, and I'm really glad I read both parts one after the other. They really should be read together, the way the book was originally published as a hardcover. If it weren't for the sheer size, the paperback would have been published in one book, but I assume that wasn't physically possible. Part Two starts off as if Part One never ended and overall, I enjoyed the second part as much as I enjoyed the first. I might have like Part Two a little bit more, because we finally get to know what is going on and where the Dome comes from. Personally, I find the origin of the Dome a little too far fetched but still a pretty good idea.

Obviously what comes out of the mind of Stephen King is usually pretty far fetched. He's the type of writer that forces you to think outside the box as he pushes the boundaries of your imagination. He's definitely a great storyteller and I'm sure generations to come will know who he is, and his books will probably stay in print for a long period of time. His ability to mix so many themes and genres in his writing is incredible and if I was an aspiring author I could only dream to be able to do what he does so well. Under the Dome might not be Stephen King's masterpiece but I think I would consider it pretty high on the list.

It's really difficult to review this book without giving away any spoilers. Dale Barbara is still at the center of the story but his plans to help the people of Chester's Mill are put on hold when he gets imprisoned by the police force that is now more or less controlled by the "dictator" Jim Rennie. When I picture Jim Rennie, one of the town selectman of Chester's Mill, I know it's pretty awful to think but I think of the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford. For the physical appearance, not for the faults in personality.

One thing's for sure, time is running out for the people inside the Dome because while nothing can enter the Dome, nothing can get out either. That mean exhaust fumes, generator fumes, soot from fires and cigarettes, and basically everything is polluting the air. The simple act of breathing is getting harder and harder, and life inside the Dome is becoming less and less possible.

One thing I'm never crazy about is multiple point of views. In this case, when I say multiple, I mean lots (probably 20+, and I'm not kidding)! In order to make his readers understand how many lives are affected by this Dome, Stephen King used point of views of many citizens of the town. It definitely widens your view of the small town and it makes you realize how people can react differently in times of stress and when faced with unknown dangers. As the story goes on, many point of views are loss because of the high fatality rate inside the Dome. Some people die of natural causes because of the lack medical resources and personnel inside the Dome, some are murdered, while others commit suicide. Overall, you can say the book is pretty gruesome, with all those fatalities, but I think the main themes and lessons of part two makes the story a little less dark. There's definitely hope for Barbara and his gang in the smog inside the Dome but freedom definitely doesn't come easy.

Despite the length of this novel, I really enjoyed it. I loved seeing how this mysterious Dome affected people so differently, but at the same time, it really made me ponder how human nature leads some people to make the wrong decisions "for the good of the people." Under the Dome proves that dictatorships don't work. Humans are not made to be controlled under strict rules and blind trust. So many lessons can be pulled from this story while still being entertained by a great story. Because of its length and dark themes, UNDER THE DOME won't be for everyone, but I would recommend it to anyone interested by the storyline.



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