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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

World Of Trouble by Ben H. Winters

World Of Trouble is the conclusion to the Last Policeman Trilogy and Ben H. Winters has written one of the best mysteries I've read in years. Few mysteries have engrossed me like World Of Trouble did and Winters is definitely on fire with this series because each book is a vast improvement over the previous novel. This is a series that needs more hype and appreciation because Hank Palace is a remarkable hero and his adventures are always filled with brilliant shenanigans.

The world is preparing for the end with the meteor quickly approaching Earth and yet, Hank Palace is still trying to solve a mystery and this time, things a bit more personal. Palace is trying to find his sister who recently went missing after Hank denied that there was any chance of destroying the meteor. Hank needs to find out what happened to Nico before it's too late.

It's easy to get lost inside the Last Policeman books because the reader always feels an impending sense of doom as the asteroid looms closer and closer. As the countdown continues, it becomes obvious how grave Palace's situation is and that things won't end quite so simply. I was extremely eager to see what happened next to Hank and I was scared to see what the fate of the world would be in this final book. Winters keeps WoT extremely interesting and brutal, not sparing the world for even a second and he truly depicts such a frightening scenario of what a world awaiting destruction would be like.  This series begs the question: What would you do if your life is doomed? and Winters explores this question full heartedly, showing the apocalypse from so many different angles.

The mystery takes so many twists and this touching conclusion is my favorite book in the entire trilogy. I love how Winters blends two of my favorite genres (sci-fi and mystery) -- two genres that don't often intersect and make this mashup feel so natural and right. I don't want to say much more about this one, in fear that I will give something away but this is a terrific novel and series conclusion. I will definitely read Winter's next novel and I am pretty confident that it will be excellent!

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