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Friday, August 01, 2014

Bloodlust by Larissa Ione

I stumbled upon this novella by Larissa Ione long ago, and finally decided to read it. First, you need to know that this novella is classified as erotica (something I had not realized before diving in) and it's not part of the Demonica series, though I could see those characters fitting right in!

Bloodlust is a quick and steamy read that may ruffle your feathers a bit (sex slave, a bit for m/m action). I'm not usually a fan of the genre but I found myself engrossed from the first couple of lines and I have to confess, I wish there was more to the story!

Brynn found himself sold as a slave of war on the market and he is bought by the vampire Queen, Sorla, for her sole pleasure. I really wanted to know what is this war, how he got captured, what's his story? Also, I wish I knew more about Sorla's intentions and motives. She unexpectedly did Brynn a huge favor and I wonder how it came to be, and just what it would entail in the end.

The novella really ends on a cliff-hanger and I find it weird because as far as I know, there isn't a sequel nor another novella following that one, and since it's not part of a series, there's no way to know what happens next.

Bloodlust is a sexually charged story and I could totally picture it being part of a bigger paranormal romance series.  It's definitely worth your reading time, and it's free, so why not indulge?


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