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Monday, August 04, 2014

Cast in Flame by Michelle Sagara

I am so in love with the Chronicles of Elantra and CAST IN FLAME is an outstanding entry into the series. Ten books in, you'd think things might be getting a bit stale but Sagara shows just how much more there is to explore in Kaylin Neya's world with this novel. In short, this book is fresh, has depth, and generally sparkles!

CAST IN FLAME sees Kaylin back in Elantra after her two-book sojourn to the West March. She's happy to be back in Elantra but not at all happy to be still living in the Imperial Palace. Kaylin misses her apartment and so she sets out to find a new home, for herself and for Bellusdeo, the only female Dragon in the realm and Kaylin's roommate. It eventually takes her to a very interesting house with its own special history and abilities. Saying more about it would really spoil your reading, though, so you'll have to try CAST IN FLAME for yourself to see just what I'm talking about. :) For me, it was great to be back in a more familiar setting since Kaylin is in her element in Elentra and the fiefs. She spent so much time being unsure in the previous two novels that it was great to see her more at ease, even if things continue to change around her.

At the same time, there are also some further exploration of Teela's childhood companions. Mandoran and Annarion came back to Elantra and they're having a bit of trouble adjusting to the new ways of the world. Their difficulties make for great reading since they cause quite the fuss wherever they go. Plus, Annarion is Nightshade's brother, which makes for all sorts of complications, both in Nightshade and in Barrani society. These bits of CAST IN FLAME show us just how much is still unknown about these changed Barrani and I'm so curious to see what Sagara has in store for us in future books, with all of the group but particularly with Mandoran and Annarion, who really endeared themselves to me.

The final scene of CAST IN FLAME is something I've been waiting for for ages, and I'm sure you have been too if you're a fan of the series.

As always, Michelle Sagara delivers a perfect story in an amazing world. CAST IN FLAME demonstrates her talent as a writer and is a marvellous example of how a series can get better and better as you get further immersed in the world and the characters. If you haven't tried this series yet, I'd strongly encourage you to join in from the start, with CAST IN SHADOW. (You can check out my Daring You To Read... post for a bit of context.) Like all great fantasy series, it's tough to start in the middle but you'll devour the pages once you start with Book 1.

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  1. I happened to stumble on this great book series from a four hour free audible download entitled cast in moonlight, from there I was hooked. Michelle Sagara's writing has become near and dear to my heart. My favorite character is Lord Nightshade, although I have a clue, I would really love to know why he is Outcast, but is still spoken of with somewhat of respect by the Barrani. I have listened to all of the books some of them multiple times, as an avid book reader and listener. The cast series ranks up there in my personal top 5...

  2. So glad to meet another fan! Thanks for stopping by. I agree Nightshade is pretty awesome and I'm so glad we're finally getting more insights into the Barrani world, including Nightshade's past. :)