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Friday, August 08, 2014

Love Potions by Michelle M. Pillow

I don't review books I don't finish very often, mostly because I usually stop fairly early in the novel, but I read 60% of Love Potions before I decided to give up and I taught it deserved a review.

Love Potions is about an immortal warlock who falls in love at first sight with Lydia, mortal granddaughter of a self-proclaimed witch, and his terrible attempts at seducing her. I have some big issues with this novel, and the first signs of trouble appeared when Lydia first met Erik. She was all wet and bothered the first time she sees him on the street and she almost gave him a blowjob the second time she saw him, on the same day, albeit this time because of a spell going wrong. None of this felt natural and it bothered me. Speaking of spells going wrong, this one isn't the only one, and the other ones don't sit so well either.

Aside from the falseness of Erik and Lydia's romance, my main issue was the almost nonexistent plot. I'm afraid to say the bit about shadow forces trying to control Lydia to destroys Erik's family is just a sorry excuse to support the shaky romance. Even after 60% read I felt like the story wasn't going anywhere, which is why I stopped altogether. My shelf is full of great books waiting to be read, I just didn't want to invest more time reading this one, unfortunately.

On a positive note, I enjoyed Lydia's personality. She is funny, independent, strong and resourceful. I also liked the light banter the MacGregor siblings had going on and Charlotte's loveable character. Michelle really created a great bunch of characters so it's that much more disappointing that the plot was poorly executed.

Did you finish this book? What did you think? Would my opinion be any different had I persevered?


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  1. I don't think I've ever read that far into a book and then just gave up. I can't waste that much time reading something I am really not enjoying and I'm am becoming ever more selective of the books I read. Kudos for hanging on as long as you did. And thanks for the head's up. Another book I can steer clear of.

  2. I am sorry this one fell flat for you, but I think I would have the same issues with it. The insta lust is a trope I dislike. And no plot whatsoever instead of the promise of the blurb is a big disappointment. I hope you will love the next one!

  3. I was really hoping things would get better, hense why i hand on hehe. oh well!