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Sunday, September 28, 2014

House Immortal by Devon Monk

HOUSE IMMORTAL is a dystopian book like you've never seen before. It mixes science and politics wonderfully, and this futuristic world is so original, I have nothing to compare it to. The world is now separated in groups called Houses that govern things like water, agriculture, medical, technology, etc. Countries have ceased to exist and the world is led by eleven House leaders. I admit, the breakdown into groups like these is definitely something we've seen before. One can simply think of the Hunger Games or Divergent and think that it might have some similarities, but the concept is completely different. However, what truly makes this a novel original is the galvanized, a group of people from a failed experiment that have been turned into stitched up humans that are in essence, impossible to kill. They live forever because the experiment that was trying to manipulate time somehow offered them an unlimited amount of time to live out their lives, and turned them into immortals.

Immortality isn't a new concept and because as human beings, we're always trying to extend our lives, this book will appeal to many people even if they aren't fans of science fiction. Freedom is another powerful theme that people will be able to understand. The idea of being contracted out to someone or in this case a House, unable to choose what you will do with your life, is definitely a scary thought. I think the author did a wonderful job in showing us how this dystopian world is full of flaws, and how power and politics can turn your life upside down.

HOUSE IMMORTAL without a doubt pleases the science fiction nerd in me, but it also appeals to me for more simple reasons. For example, I sympathise with some of the characters, although they might not be human. Matilda, the newest galvanized, has been hiding out on her parent's farm her whole life, afraid to announce to the world that she's someone that's alive, only because she's literally been stitched back together with a special kind of thread. Although she want to see herself as a human, she describes herself as a monster, time and time again.

When she meets Abraham, a galvanized that has been alive for more than 300 years, her life is completely altered and for once in her life, she fears what the future might bring. She understands she cannot trust Abraham because he represents House Grey, the house that governs humans, but they form a bond that might just become something more than just friendship. It's this bond that convinces her to leave her farm and venture into the world in order to find out if her missing brother is safe and unable to contact her or if he's being held captive by a House leader. Neds is another wonderful character that might not be considered human because he's a mutant with two heads. Right Ned and Left Ned don't always see eye to eye, so their presence offers comic relief when they don't agree with what to do with their body.

Amazing and brilliant are words that comes to mind in order to describe this novel. HOUSE IMMORTAL might just end up being one of my favorite novels of 2014. The first in a series, I can only hope Devon Monk stays on top of her game and brings us an awesome sequel, and hopefully many more books after that. Honestly, this is the first book I've read from this author and if her other series are as wonderful as this one, I'm definitely going to check them out.


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