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Friday, September 19, 2014

Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch

Another epic fantasy story you MUST add to your wishlists. Snow Like Ashes is set in an highly unique world, with a fascinating lore and a fierce and likable main character. The eight kingdoms, their rules and their customs might seem a bit overwhelming at the beginning but hang in there, Rassch really managed to smooth out the ride.

In short, the world of Snow Like Ashes is split in eight kingdoms, 4 that are rotating between all four seasons and 4 that are stuck in a single season. That, right there, is something I've never seen before. Each kingdom possess a conduit giving them access to incredible magic and only a ruler of a specific gender can control it, depending on the kingdom. Please add another check mark in the original column for me please? And, the story of how Magic came to be is also a fascinating tale!

The story is told by Meira, an orphan girl part of a group made of the last 8 Winter Citizen to remain free after Spring attacked their kingdom and enslaved everyone. We follow her epically engrossing journey to free her Kingdom and her patriots. She really is an underdog, a failure at close combat, but a fierce and determined girl with impressive long range battle skills (this one bit is getting more popular in YA, but she's not using a bow).

Tired of love triangles? Fear not, I wouldn't put this novel in this category even though there are two boys involved. She has a crush on a first boy and finally moves on to another one (with very good reasons if I may say!). So yeah, no triangles here, more of a progressing journey on her personal love path (does this makes any sense?).

I love my high fantasy and I just loved this novel. The plot in engaging, the main character is loveable, the action is addictive and the end simply rocked my world. I have no choice but to urge you to pick up this novel and having read this novel in June, I now have to wait forever for the second book and it's killing me! What are you still doing here? Go get a copy!


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  1. I love this cover and I have this book. Can't wait to read it after your great review. Hopefully next week! Thanks.

  2. I'm relieved to learn that this novel is love triangle free, although I'm not ruling that possibility out in the next installment. ARCs can be such a double-edged sword sometimes; getting to read the story months before everyone else is great, but then the wait for book 2 is sooo much longer!

  3. true that! requested the Orphan Queen on edelweiss and while reading i realized its just an excerpt! the book releases feb 2015 and its KILLING ME!

  4. This is the second good review in a row that I've read on Snow Like Ashes. Plus I love the cover. So those two factors are tipping me toward getting this book. :)

  5. I've wanted to read this since I read the synopsis, and I am SO GLAD that's great! Thank you for the honest review!