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Friday, September 05, 2014

The Fire Seer by Amy Raby

Amy Raby, author of the Hearts and Thrones series, delivered another great historical fantasy story. Set in the mystical city of Hrappa, this novel's basis were launched from a series of discovery on the ancient city, and became so much more in Raby's hands. Her personal blend of fantasy mixed with her great talent to deliver raw emotions, were just the thing to ensnare me from the start.

The Coalition has complete control over magic and Taya came to their temple for training when she developed powers at a young age. It is very uncommon for farmers to develop such abilities and many, including Mandir, resented her for it. She overcame many obstacles and launching on her first mission she wasn't ready to be partnered with her nemesis. She hates him with a passion, understandable since he tortured her and almost killed her, but her body can't help but be attracted to him and now she must relay on him for protection.

Some stories are plot driven, others are characters driven, I would say this one is driven by emotions. Yes, both characters are on a mission to discover and eliminate a jackal (a rogue magic user), but the relationship and raw feelings between the two main characters are front and center, honest and captivating. My favorite aspect of this novel is Taya's grudge against Mandir. What I mean is that he bullied her and tortured her for years and she isn't willing to surrender to sweet words and a sexy body. She kept her wits about her and remained skeptical of his promises. Thankfully, Amy offered us alternative narration and I just LOVED Mandir. His honesty and repentant attitude totally got me.

The narration also alternated between the present and the past, offering a very detailed retelling of exactly how both Mandir and Taya felt 9 years ago when they met, and how he treated her afterwards. Mandir's trek toward redemption is very touching and the fact that Taya takes a long time to weight the good and bad sides of Mandir make the whole situation much more realistic.

The mystery part of the plot was also very satisfying and while some elements were predictable, most completely surprised me. I also found the end to wrap-up things nicely and I really hope there will be a second installment!

This novel is actually quite short, but it doesn't feel so while reading it. I don't mean there are lengths, mind you, but that every aspect is developed enough to feel this novel is just right the way it is. I strongly suggest you give it a shot!


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  1. I don't read a lot of high fantasy, but I think I would enjoy Amy Raby's spin on the genre. Any author that can make me come down with a major case of the FEELS is a must-read in my books. Wonderful review!

  2. Thank you Carmel! Im sure youll enjoy it!