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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Unmarked by Kami Garcia

I was a bit hesitant to read Unmarked because I wasn't a huge of the 1st book in the Legion Series, Unbreakable. I'm extremely relieved to say that Unmarked is worlds better than it's predecessor and it delivered an incredible story and romance. Kami Garcia really upped the stakes in this one and everything is just bigger and better in Unbreakable.

Kennedy Waters is recovering from her adventures with the Legion in a boarding school before the team comes back to rescue her. Marbas is still on the loose and the only ones who can defeat him is the Legion, but it will take a lot more than a few salt rounds and spells. Kennedy Waters's family history is shrouded in mystery and it could unlock the key to defeating Marbas.

I eagerly devoured Unmarked from the start and Garcia really knows how to hook readers in with suspense and romance. I was intrigued by the skeletons that laid hidden in the Waters's family and I really wanted to find out why her father had left her family. This novel is more focused than Unbreakable was and there is a lot less running around trying to defeat paranormal spirits.

I definitely think the fact that this novel is rooted around the Waters's secrets allowed readers to see a much more complex, developed Kennedy. For better or worse, Kennedy's adventures with Legion have changed her and she's no longer the scared, helpless girl she once was. Kennedy has grown into a powerful, brave character who will look evil straight in the eye if it means saving the ones she loves and I admired Kennedy for really stepping it up.

The romance in this novel is so freaking addicting and I couldn't get enough of Kennedy and Lukas's relationship. Unmarked really pushes this couple's relationships to the limit and makes them go through countless hoops to be together. I was obsessed with this couple and I loved scenes in which Kennedy and Lukas explored their relationship. I always loved the romance in the Caster Chronicles and it's no surprise to me that I was such a huge fan of Unbreakable's signature couple.

Between possessions, exorcisms, a murder of crows and graveyards, Unmarked taps into so much creepiness and really makes good use of its horror elements. Kami Garcia really explores demonology in more depth in this one and I definitely think that this aspect of the novel was well-researched. It was really interesting to me how Garcia tied in the Revolutionary War to Kennedy's family to classical demon history and Unmarked is extremely well-plotted. This is the perfect horror novel to read around Halloween, but I'd probably suggest reading it with the lights on and during the day.

Unmarked is a lot of fun to read and is definitely a must-read for fans of the CW and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I'm so glad that I gave this series another chance because I really loved Unmarked. I definitely will be continuing this series and the 3rd book in this series is at the top of my anticipated books list. Unmarked is an excellent paranormal thriller and Kami Garcia truly blew me away with this sequel.

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