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Sunday, October 12, 2014

How To Run With a Naked Werewolf by Molly Harper

When it comes to Molly Harper books, you're always guaranteed at least a few laughs. HOW TO RUN WITH A NAKED WEREWOLF is no exception. Her books can always get me out of a reading funk because while they aren't necessarily great literature, they're fun and easy to read. I completely forgot that she was writing another book in her Naked Werewolf series, but I'm really glad I finally picked it up since it might just be my favorite out of the series.

In the first few pages, we are introduced to the main character "Anna Moder" but we don't really know her real name until well into the book. Anna is on the run, jumping around from city to city to avoid her abusive husband. Her case is the type where the law has a really hard time protecting abused women so she takes matters into her own hands and restarts her life with fake identities whenever her husband gets close to finding her. As a computer tech, her husband is very resourceful so she never feels completely safe, even on the run.

In comes Caleb Graham, an unlicensed private investigator/bounty hunter. She witnesses him being shot by one of his targets and her old car get blown up in the process. As a trained medical doctor, her first reflex is to help him and get him to a hospital. Despite him being a stranger, she lugs Graham into his truck, gets behind the wheel and drives towards the closest hospital near the remote Alaskan town they were in. Delirious, Graham refuses to go to the hospital so they end up in a motel room where she treats his already healing gunshot wound. Obviously, this situation isn't very realistic but it's a great setting for laugh out loud moments. Especially since Anna obviously knows that he's a werewolf, but Graham doesn't know she knows, and never admits it.

Anna and Graham find themselves on the road together, travelling the picturesque Alaskan roads, working his bounty hunting jobs together and getting to know one another in the process. Steamy motel room situations, stripper bar fights and awkward fugitive apprehensions are a few of the awesome situations Anna and Graham find themselves in. The longer they're together the closer they get. It's obvious their interest for one another becomes stronger, and their bed sharing turns into a lot more than just bed sharing.

For a chick lit, Holly Harper was still able to incorporate darker themes like marital abuse and stalking. For entertainment purposes, situations were obviously exaggerated but I applaud Molly Harper for taking a chance with this novel. The fact that she writes books with amazing and strong female leads, only emphasizes how resilient and capable women can be. The expected happy ending enforces the fact that abuse situations can take a turn for the better with encouragement and a strong support group. The story gravitates around Anna and Graham but it wouldn't be possible without the cast of great secondary characters. The novel is well rounded, an absolute page turner and definitely up there on my list of awesome chick lit.

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    I love this series for all the reasons you mentioned. They are always fun. I like to listen to the audios because the narrator adds another layer to the humor. Great review.

  2. I LOVE Molly Harper's Naked Werewolves, and Amanda Ronconi is absolutely stellar as the narrator of these audiobooks. This author never fails to make me laugh out loud, and I always keep a couple of her titles on my iPhone for an instant pick me up. Lovely review!