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Friday, October 10, 2014

The Orphan Queen by Jodi Meadows *excerpt review*

*This review is of the excerpt available on edelweiss. It's  a very long excerpt (took me 2,5 hours to read it, probably a third of the book), and I am extremely thrilled with what I read, so I decided to review it!*

What an awesome world! Magic used to be profusely used to help with all the daily task and support the kingdoms medieval technologies. Until they realized using magic released wraith, a toxic gaz-y substance, in the atmosphere. With its overtime accumulation, wraith is now destroying kingdom after kingdom and to try and stop it, most kingdoms signed a treaty to stop using magic. The Indigo Court refused and were invaded to force them to stop, and that's how Princess Wilhelmina lost her parents and her kingdom in a single night. Ten years later, we follow her adventures as she works toward her ultimate goal, reclaiming her Kingdom and protect her people.

I loved the excerpt and it's killing me that I will have to wait until March 2015 to finish reading this book! I never read excerpt, but when I requested it, I didn't realize that's what it was! And now I am hooked, and dying from anticipation. From what I've seen thus far, the description is true, Fans Kristen Cashore will love this novel! The atmosphere feels a lot like the one in Bitterblue, but Wil has fighting skills similar to Katsa, an enticing mix!

I am a fan of high fantasy so I felt right at home with its historical set up and castle intrigues. What I read promises a lot of action to come and I just love some undercover action!

Black Knife, some kind of shadowy Robin Hood hunting magic users, is quite the mystery as well. I'm giving myself the latitude of speculation since there is much I haven't read. I have a feeling Black Knife is either the Prince or his bodyguard (he is masked), but on the other hand, he would've recognized Wil when he saw her at night, and he didn't, so I kind of am at lost. If you've read the excerpt, do you have any ideas? If you actually read the whole book, please don't tell me!

I can't say anything about the plot or the conclusion because the action just started, but let me tell you that I am excited and I think you should look forward to this novel.


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  1. I have this partial arc as well and, like you, didn't realize it was a partial when I requested it. I would have liked that "sneak peek" put on there. I know I'm going to feel like you, like it's going to kill me to read it and not have the rest of the book so I've been putting it off. From what you say this is going to be a great book. Thanks for sharing!

  2. They should've right? I emailed Harper and begged for a complete ARC lol no response yet :(

  3. I'm really looking forward do this one. I read Jodi Meadows' other trilogy, but I was a little disappointed with the ending. That said, I think Jodi Meadows is a wonderful writer and really look forward to reading anything thing else she releases.

    The reason they didn't post the full eArc is because one of her previous books got leaked all over the internet so they're trying to avoid that...