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Friday, November 21, 2014

All In by Amanda Carlson

Ginger and Luke are tracking her brother Damien. She wants to rescues him; he is tasked to bring him back to face justice. The chase started smoothly, but a lot more then they were expecting happened on the way.

All in is the third installment of the series written by Amanda Carlson and I loved it just as much as the previous ones. I like that even though it's a series of novella, the stories are long enough to really get involved into the characters. The fact that we've met Ginger and Luke in the previous book(s) also added a kinship feeling in the mix and made their budding relationship more believable.

Ginger is a smart woman that has been dedicated to rescuing her brother for years. I really appreciated this side of her, but she's also a self-loathing succubus and I felt bad for her. Her conscience and her desire to not 'parasite' anyone will lead her to extremes and it was quite a roller-coaster ride to witness. Luke is down-right amazing. He is sweet, caring, perceptive, but also strong and fierce. The perfect mix if you ask me!

I truly enjoying the developing romance between those two and their raw feelings felt real. One of my favorite moment was how Ginger described nature to Luke to try and include him in her world, make him see the way she saw things. It was quite endearing.

The plot was quite satisfying even though there isn't much room for twist and turns in a 150 pages long book. The conclusion was spot on and I have a feeling the next novella by Amanda will be about Raoul and a new Elemental girl. I can't wait to read what's next!

Sin City Collectors is a great series! I always enjoy a novella once in a while when you don't quite feel like committing to a full length novel. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a bit of instant gratification once in a while :)


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