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Friday, December 05, 2014

Healer's Touch by Amy Raby

Both Marius and Isolda are judged for what they are not. Marius was raised as a commoner so when he is brought back to court by the Emperor he is judged for his lack of fashion and his simple tastes. Isolda on the other hand is a refuge and is mistreated by nearly every Kjallan, but she's a strong, fierce and smart woman. They will meet in the middle, and even though they have a lot in common, they will have to overcome many obstacles.

I have beta read the last two releases by Amy Raby and I was really happy to get the chance to read this one as well. Healer's Touch is the fourth novel in this series, and even though I haven't read the books 2 and 3 yet, I didn't have any trouble getting into the story. Having read the first book helped a lot to have a better sense of the culture though.

First, I'd like to say that I really enjoyed this book, despite my pointing elements I wish were different. I really liked the small town atmosphere in Healer's Touch and it felt very different from Assassin's Gambit and Archer's Sin. Even though there are explosions, and quite an amazing battle at the end, this novel is rather tranquil in it's essence. Much less action packed than the previous ones, but no less interesting. The focus really is on Marius & Isolda's blooming relationship, their struggles, and their ambitions.

I liked how real and down-to-earth both main characters were and I can only command them for staying true to themselves despite the challenges. I think they were a perfect fit for each other. One element I wish was different is the more carnal side of their romance. There is one sexual encounter that is described rather chastely and mention of subsequent 'meetings', but I really wish there was at least another intimate scene and that it felt more passionate.

The conclusion is hard to describe without giving anything away, but I must find a way because it really left me craving for more, so I will use a metaphor. Let's say to spent the past 7 hours mixing, baking and decorating this awesome cake, and then you can't even take a bite. Someone else does and describes the taste to you. Frustrating right? I really wished Amy presented the conclusion in the form of an epilogue instead of the technique she used. She gives a peek on what comes after, but it wasn't satisfying enough for me, even though I was happy with how things turned out for the characters. Does it make any sense?

In the end, I really enjoyed this book and I urge your to pick up this title even though it isn't published by the same publisher who released the first three titles. For reasons unknown to me, Amy was not contracted for the fourth book, so I really hope you purchase this one (which is really cheap BTW!) and support her :)


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