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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"When I'm not writing" with Lia Davis

Today I'm excited to host Lia Davis, author of It's a Vampire Christmas.  Stephanie will be reviewing the book in just a few days, so watch for that!


When I'm Not Writing Marie

Lia DavisWhen I’m not writing, I’m hanging out with Hubby and my daughter, but not always at the same time. I typically work twelve hour days, sometimes more. I’ve recently started making myself log off the computer and go watch TV with my hubby at a certain time during the week. I try to take weekends off, but that doesn’t always happen. LOL. Even when I’m away from the computer, I’m thinking about writing. Sometimes I’ll plot the next few chapters or a new story while watching TV with DH.

My daughter and I hang out at the house watching old Law and Order shows and organizing swag and/or crafting. I make jewelry, book thongs, and purse charms. It’s relaxing to me and pleases the creative side of me.

On the weekends, when I’m not under a deadline, we try to do something together or with friends. Where it’s dinner and drinks or just hanging out, I value the time I make for my family and friends.

Other things I like to do is read and spend time with my granddaughter. She’s nine months old and is starting to talk and pull herself up. It’s always fun spending time with her.

I can also be found lurking on Facebook and Twitter. Those two are my biggest distractions.

Have a wonder Holiday season!


Thanks so much for visiting us, Lia! For more about Lia and her books, check out the following links:

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Here's the scoop on It's a Vampire Christmas:

It's a Vampire Christmas Lia Davis

The hunt for the past will set their future…

Alasdair Morgan, vampire lord of the south Atlantic region of the United States, and his mate, Gideon, are on the search for an ancient journal. The secrets the book holds within its leather binding can be used to destroy their race’s queen, Lilith. When they finally find the journal, they discover it has been sold to an antique store. However, a female with her own agenda has her sights set on possessing the book.

Some gifts come in twos…

Being a half-breed living among humans, Rhianna Howell knows the importance of secrecy all too well. When she discovers one of the lost vampire artifacts, she doesn’t waste time in collecting it before it falls into the wrong hands. But keeping the journal safe from evil will put her in the seductive path of two vampires who claim to be her mates.

The days and nights heat up this Christmas as she discovers a fiery passion she can’t deny or run from.

Stephanie's Review

Purchase: Amazon


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  1. Thank you for having me over today! Happy Holidays!

  2. Good use of time! I'm not crafty in any way, so that makes me jealous. One question - WHAT IS A BOOK THONG?!? I don't know what you're meaning is, but here a thong is not something I'd put my books in...