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Monday, December 08, 2014

Light My Fire by G.A. Aiken

Honestly, I can't get enough of this author. Writing under the pen name G.A. Aiken for this Dragon Kin series, Shelly Laurenston knows exactly how to add humor to paranormal romance. The witty characters, the impossibly funny situations and the odd character traits add so much to her novels. It's almost like she writes sitcoms in the form of books! Although I haven't read all the books of this dragon series, it does feel like they're getting better and better as the series goes on.

Probably because I haven't read all the Dragon Kin books, I was a little loss at times with the story line. There are so many characters in this book that it felt overwhelming to keep track of all of them. It's almost as if the author wanted all her previous main characters to be featured in this story. And because this is the seventh book of the series, that probably means at least six other couples, plus their children... That makes for a lot of characters to keep track of, although it did concentrate mostly on the main characters, Celyn the Charming and Elina Shestakova. I loved how these two clashed at first because of their different views on life. Celyn is used to an imperialistic life where he's captain of the dragon Queen's Guard and his cousin are royal dragons. As for Elina, she was raised in the harsh Outerplains where they live as nomads, and survive by raiding one village after another. She lives in a matriarchal society where women take many husbands, depending on how strong and good a soldier they are. As for Celyn, he would satisfied with just Elina since he seems to be falling for her, and only her, after being forced to work together.

I think this Dragon Kin series is turning out to be more than what it originally started out to be. Politics play a major role in this book  and a cult-like religion with its "one true god" is starting to spread everywhere, brainwashing people into hate and war. The dragon royals are the first targets of this "new religion" and Celyn will stop at nothing to help his kin and prove his worth. The Southland humans and dragons would definitely benefit from other alliances to defeat their common enemy but reaching out to the Outerplain tribes may not be the best idea, as Celyn and Elina soon find out.

Since politics and geography now play more of a role in this series, I really hope some day a map of the wonderful world G.A. Aiken created will be published. As much as an author may be good at describing his or her fantasy world, I'm a visual person who needs to see the big picture. Personally, I think there's even more potential for this series. The author barely skimmed the surface of the story of the "abominations", what many people call the half-dragon, half-human offspring. Obviously their parents don't see them as abominations but they do have some pretty wicked talents that would make a pretty epic battle scene.

Overall, I really enjoyed LIGHT MY FIRE because of the hilarious character interactions, the steamy romantic scenes and the overall crazy situations. Gena Showalter and J.R. Ward fans would definitely enjoy the more recent Dragon Kin novels. In my opinion, this series is definitely getting better so don't judge this series from it's earlier releases. This fantasy world obviously has potential and I can't wait to see what else the author will come up with!

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