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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The Source (Witching Savannah Series Book 2)

To catch up: Great Aunt Ginny and Uncle Simon are dead, Uncle Oliver is back in town, Emit is a real man now, Mercy is pregnant and Maisie is…..Well, nobody really knows where Maisie is!  The good news is, Mercy has her own magic, now.  The bad news is, she doesn’t know how to use it.

With all the bad guys and demons beaten before, life should be a walk in the park for Miss Mercy Taylor.  Of course it’s more like a walk through a graveyard for our heroine.  There was one phrase that kept repeating in my head throughout this book: rollercoaster ride.  This book keeps a faster pace and many more twists and turns than The Line, the first of this series.

I won’t talk about writing style this time.  This is time is more about the continuation of the overall story line while managing to maintain and introduce several subplots very well.  We get to see what happens between Mercy and Peter since Mercy found out about his ill-conceived agreement with Mother Jilo.  Then there’s Mercy’s own relationship with Mother Jilo.  What happens now that the balance of magical power has shifted?  What about Emit Clay?  The once Gollum turned real man, he now has to figure out where or if he fits in the life of Mercy Taylor.

This is a very worthy addition to the Savannah Witching series by J.D. Horn.  It’s engaging, entertaining and will keep you on the edge of your seat beginning to end.  Ordinarily, I prefer a bit of respite between major events in a book, The Source manages to keep the tempo going without wearing out the reader.  I really appreciate how he kept the style and rhythm of the first story while bringing us something fresh.  Just like the first book, this is meant for mature readers.  There are some mildly adult themed scenes and conversations that puts this in the PG13 or R zones.


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