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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Void (Witching Savannah Book 3) by J.D. Horn

Answers. That is the most succinct description of this book that I can give. Answers to so many of the questions that are brought up and in the first two books are answered here. Much like real life, many of the solutions may not be what we hoped they would be. This is another piece of the story that gives it that feel of authenticity.

Overall, the series has many of the hallmarks of Urban Fantasy. The characters are multifaceted, vulnerable as well as powerful and most of all, they seem human (even if they really aren’t). Mercy and her family had their share of demons, both literal and metaphorical, and were able to if not banish them at least tame them. Some of them I grew to really love and admire over the series such as Mother Jiloh and Uncle Oliver. I believe the one of the underlying themes to this series was the strength in family ties.

Just like the second book, The Source, this book is full of twists and turns and action. I believe The Source is still the most action filled of the three but, The Void is not very far behind it. Event leads to event with many running concurrently and of course, as with much of this series, resolutions and answers lead to more questions and situations.

I generally try to avoid saying how much I like or dislike a book. I feel sometimes personal tastes can shouldn't get in the  away of appreciating well written book or a well told story. This time, I have to say I loved this whole series. Well written, entertaining and thought provoking this series of books seems to be one of those hidden gems since most of the public has overlooked it. I sincerely hope a few of you reading this post pick it up, enjoy it and recommend it to your friends. It’s still a bit PG13 so, I would suggest it more to the more mature readers.

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