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Friday, January 09, 2015

Hunt by Rachel Vincent

I am a huge fan of the Shifters series by Rachel Vincent, and I was super sad when she announced, a couple of years ago, that Alpha was the last book. Hunt was released as part of the Chicks Kick Butt anthology and even though I bought the book I hadn't come around to read it yet. In October, Rachel announced that she's trying her hand at self publishing!!! She decided to start a spin-off series of the Shifters world, starting with a story about Jace and Abby. To do so, she decided to revamp the original Hunt story a bit, and release it on Amazon. Now that you have the back story... here's my review!

Abby was a fragile little thing in Shifters, due to a big trauma and it was nice to see her stand up for herself in this novella. The story takes place a couple of years later and Abby live on Jace's territory. He is now Alpha of his own area. We don't see much of Jace in this story, but I love this man to death so I'm super thrilled of this new development.

The story arc is really short with only 49 pages but I still had this thrill I loved so much when reading past Shifters books, so I'm sure fans won't be disappointed.

The end is promising a tumultuous relationship between the two protagonists and I can't wait for the first book of the new series, Lion's Share, to release! Rachel talking was about a late December 2014 release and as of now (I'm writing this on December 23rd) there's still no updates.

I don't know how necessary it would be to read the Shifters' books to understand this new series, but really, you SHOULD read the Shifters series anyway, because it's just so damn good. One of my favorite in fact!



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  1. I need to read this story. I loved the Shifters series and wasn't entirely happy with the ending because I wanted to know a little more about how Jace ended up. I can't wait to start the spinoff series. I'm seeing more and more traditional published authors trying their hands at self publishing to get more of their work out to reader the way they want it. I applaud this effort and will continue to support them.

  2. I am really excited for the new Shifter series, I haven't read Hunt yet and I think I'll won't be buying it until I have Lions Share as well. I am glad to hear you enjoyed this short story and I cna't wait to get back to the shifter series!

  3. I need Hunt, too, Tynga! I loved the Shifters series so much, and I'm excited that Vincent has decided to do a spin-off :) Great review.
    Have a great weekend and happy reading :)

  4. i hope Rachel confirms a release date soon

  5. I still need to to start reading the original series Tynga, the books are gaterhing dust at the back of my shelves. Thanks for bringing them to my attention again.

  6. OMG! You MUST read them. Keep in mind Stray was the first book she ever wrote, so if you're not in love instantly (though I was) I suggest you keep reading:)