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Friday, January 16, 2015

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

The official summary is a great introduction to the world, so I won't bother writing one. I don't really agree with the Graceling comparison though (can't comment about The Selection, I haven't read it). The only point it has in common with Graceling is people having special abilities. But in Red Queen, the abilities are a lot more like wielding magic, rather than being extraordinarily talented for something AND the range of possible abilities isn't as wide and is much more predictable then in Graceling. So yeah, The Graceling mention played it's part - it got me to request the book - but it's not a fitting description.

Red Queen is a fantastic debut novel! I really thought I had it all figured out. Poor girl meets rich boy, rich boy pities her and helps her, turns out he is a prince, they marry and she becomes queen. TA-DAM! ... NOT. The strongest and most important element of Red Queen is its unpredictability. 'Anyone can betray anyone' is a motto mentioned many times in the novel, and it's probably the most important and representative sentence of Red Queen. You can never take anything for granted while reading or it'll bite you, just like the characters.

I liked Mare even though she was a little naive despite all the warnings. I understand that she finds herself in a very difficult situation, away from her family, submerged in a world she knows nothing about and had to lie through her teeth for survival, but unfortunately she hangs onto the wrong buoy, hoping not to drown. Cal isn't perfect, and I like that he did his best to serve his people the only way he knew how. I just wished he was a little more daring and courageous in the end. Maven is one cryptic character and I'll have to let you figure him out for yourself!

Victoria tried to play the love triangle trend and it didn't quite work. Mare has a bit of a crush on Cal at first and then finds herself betrothed to Maven. She isn't really in love with neither boys, and use them both to her advantage. There is also a childhood friend orbiting around her, that might have been an option, but nothing major there either. I didn't really care for the romance for that reason, but it might work better in the next installment.

My favorite aspect is by far the lore. I love how social ranking is determined by blood color (reds are slave and silver the elite) and their respective powers. The world is set in a future in which we've destroyed each other in wars and the new world is a blend of great technology and great poverty. The difference between both world is incomparable.

I enjoyed the plot line full of twist and turns, keeping me engaged until the very end. I particularly liked the final battle and I can't wait for the second installment. I want to know what awaits Mare now that so many secrets have been revealed. I strongly suggest you get your hands on this debut!


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  1. I loved this one too. Glad to see that you enjoyed it as well. You can check out my review HERE.

  2. I'm excited you enjoyed it! That final battle sounds epic and I can't wait to read it! Lovely review :D

  3. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! I'm sort of nervous to try this one now since the reviews have been really mixed. I don't like love triangles at all, and the amount of possible interests in this one is a bit bothersome but it does sound like it has promise.

  4. OOoh nice review! I can't wait to read this one! Been hearing good things about it! Glad to hear it was an enjoyable debut! Debuts can be scary these days since the author is so new, but I love reading debuts all the same! Again, great review!

  5. Had a feeling they just mentioned the other books to get people to want to read it - worked on me and I haven't even read either of those books (just heard the hype)! Love that it was an unpredictable read though, aren't those just the best? Great review!

  6. Hmm many people are reading this and saying that it was a great love triangle so I'm sorry that didn't work for you.
    I'm glad you really liked the story though and the ideas behind it.
    I can't wait to read this one.
    Thanks for the great review!