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Friday, January 02, 2015

Take Two: Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews

taketwoTake Two is a new feature on the blog! Tynga’s reviews have been around for 6 years, and we have reviewed A LOT of books! And because we are a team of many with the same tastes, I decided to allow a second review of a same book, to give the reader a second opinion. I hope you will enjoy!

Jenn's thoughts on Burn For Me

My thoughts:

In hopes of  creating more powerful soldiers, scientists developed a serum that awakened magical abilities in people. The results were disastrous and it's usage has been ruled out. The powerful and wealthy now interbred to keep their magic as powerful as possible. Primes are at the top of the ladder and each one of the 5 most powerful houses have at least one. That's the kind of scary world Nevada lives in, and she's in over her head when she is blackmailed into hunting one of those primes going rogue and setting fire to anything and everything.

The concept is quite interesting and as much as I love Ilona Andrews, I would lie if I said it was love at first sight with this newest series. I never disliked it, but it wasn't a burning passion either. To keep it up with the fire analogy, it was a slow building blaze.

I liked Nevada just fine from the beginning, but I didn't really care for neither Rogan nor Adam at first. They were both extremely confident, full of themselves and had no care for human life. Not exactly dating material, even though both of them try to get into Nev's pants. Aside from Nevada, my favorite character was her grandma. I bet she spread Cool on her toast for breakfast. I swear, no grandma should have a right to be this awesome. Don't believe me? She fixes tanks for a living, and takes pictures of Hunks with her cell phone!

The precarious relationship between Mad Rogan and Nevada was by far my favorite part of this novel. His value system is so off the chart you never know how he will react and his clashing against Nev is super entertaining. We don't really know if he really cares for her or just want a good lay, but his seducing technics are surprising, to say the least.

The battles were shocking and breathtaking. It really was a action filled novel and I felt like a was racing, breathless, as I flipped page after page to rush to the end. The mystery aspect wasn't exactly the strongest and lots of questions still remain, but I felt involved the whole way through.

Something I noted and that is worth mentioning is that so far the romance feels a lot like Kate & Curran's relationship. What I mean is that in both series the female is incredibly attracted to the alpha-super-badass male and she just won't give in because she is scared of being used then discarded. Convinced that she is too low ranked to be of worth to him.

Overall, this is a great beginning to a new urban fantasy/paranormal romance that is definitely worth a try. I'm sure fans of Ilona will be pleased and ask for more. I know I am awaiting the next novel :)


Tynga is a 32 years old mom of two, from Montreal, working as a lab technician in an hospital specialized in heart disease. In her free time, she enjoys reading all things Paranormal and photography.

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  1. I've ended up enjoying Ilona Andrews' work more than I expected, and now this one sounds reaaaally tempting...

  2. Then you should definitely dive in!

  3. I love Andrews and finished or caught up listening to the Kate Daniels series. .this book made me buy and listen to them all.

  4. Im still not up to date with the curran series. I want to make the pleasure last longer haha