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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Side Jobs - Dresden Files 12.5 by Jim Butcher

Anybody who has followed my posts over the last few months would not be surprised to see another Dresden Files book make its way into a review.  This one is special:  It's the last one I read of the series (until the next book in the series comes out).   Reading this last may puzzle anybody familiar enough with the 15 book series.  Yes, 12.5 comes before 15 but, I found this to be an excellent wrap-up for the series to date.  This way, I was able to keep the narrative going by reading the  regular books in order and then, later, get into all the in-between stories that Jim Butcher had written about Chicago's only openly practicing wizard.  I have to say, I'm glad I did and suggest anybody who hasn't made it that far in the series to do the same.  I'll do my best not to get to spoilery.

Side Jobs is a collection of short stories written about Harry Dresden and his friends.  Each was written for different purposes and Jim Butcher introduces the stories with the reasons behind them being written.  Sometimes he gives a little bit of background or insight to the subject or inspiration of each.  It was a touch that I thought gave them a bit more context  and clarity.  There are even a couple of stories written from perspectives different Harry's.  Jim Butcher did an excellent job of shifting into these voices.  I never got the feeling I was reading some reworked story of Harry's.  This book even contains the story that started it all: the story Jim Butcher wrote as an assignment for a college writing course.  The book is full of spoilers since so much of it is placed between books with one that takes place right after book 12.

Another, more notable, significance of this book is what it means for me.  I mean, now, I'll have a Dresden sized hole in my upcoming reading selection.  If anybody has any suggestions for an established book series I can play catch up on, I'd love to hear them.  Or better yet, is there a book series you've been afraid to try and you want me to be your "toe-in-the-water"  as it were, I'll welcome those as well.

I've loved the whole Dresden Files series thus far.  It has gone from mildly grown up to very grown up.  Definitely not for the little ones unless their heading off to college.  It's only a scene or two per book but, when you find them, you'll know it!  I hope some of you give this series a try!

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