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Friday, March 06, 2015

Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

Celaena was forced into exile, sent on a mission by the King of Adarlan, but once she get there her plans must change.

Heir of Fire is an awesome installment in this series but I would lie if I said I got into the story right away. See, the Throne of Glass series has a very intricate world, filled with details, weird names and many past- and present- enemies, and with my terrible memory, I had a hard time getting my bearings once more. I don't want to tarnish this novel's shine, it really is my own fault hehe. Once I got back into the saddle though, it was quite a ride!

All our favorite characters -and some new ones- are now apart, living their own lives in parallel. Celaena is in Wedlyn learning about her magic and her history (which is quite amazing!) with a new awesome character - Rowan. He is one grumpy old as dirt Fae, but he really grows on you hehe. Damian is still in Adarlan, dealing with his magic and his father, but also overcoming his loss of Celaena with a new female character! Chaol, as amazing as he is, is completely lost in this installment, trying to find the right path, and I really felt for him. Witches were also given a more important role in this novel, and we meet Manon. Her story isn't that relevant in Heir of Fire, but I think she'll be important in Queen of Shadows.

My favorite part of this novel is definitely Celaena and her new friend Rowan. I loved their interactions, two bulls facing each other to see who will come out on top. Even though they start as reluctant partners, they end up being really good for each other and I loved it. It's not a romantic relationship, nothing like what Celaena had with Chaol, but it's also really great.

The plot was very engaging! Every characters are knowingly - or not- getting ready for a full blown war. The stakes are really high and battles, big and small, are being fought on every front. It's very exciting to witness everyone getting ready, seeing the pieces get in line and set the ground for the upcoming battle. Celaena really impressed me with her attitude, her quick mind and her abilities. She not only faced physical enemies, but also her inner demons, brilliantly! We also finally learned what really happened the night her parents died!

Heir of Fire is one big buildup of anticipation for Queen of Shadows, coming out September 2015. I really can't wait to read about this epic battle and I truly hope my favorite characters will make it through. Many did great sacrifices in Heir of Fire and I hope they will be worth it!

If you haven't read this amazing series yet, I strongly urge you to do so, starting with The Assassin's Blade. It's a collection of the short stories of this series, and I strongly suggest you read the first 3 ones before you start on Throne of Glass.


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  1. This is my next read in the series. I'm trying to finish a few review books before I jump back into this world. Crown of Midnight was awesome!

  2. This really was a great addition to the series and I fell hard for Rowan! Great review.

  3. I'm sure you'll like it ^^ hurry haha

  4. Thank you! I hope we'll see more of him

  5. Enjoyed your review! I have a terrible memory too, so thinking about rereading the books in order so I don't get lost.

  6. if you can spare the time to do so, go ahead!