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Friday, March 20, 2015

Lion's Share by Rachel Vincent

Let me start this review by saying, FINALLY! I've been awaiting another Shifters book for so long, and it's finally here! For those who don't know, Lion's Share is the first book in a new spin-off series. The original series, Shifters, was Rachel's first published series and it was really awesome. This original series featured Faythe, Marc and Jace and from what I gathered, this new series will feature a different couple each novel, following the traditional paranormal romance series (Shifters was more Urban Fantasy). You don't NEED to read the Shifter's books to read Lion's Share, but I strongly suggest it. It will allow you to really grasp the nature and laws of the Shifters, Jace & Abby's pasts and honestly, it's heart-poundingly good, so why skip it?

Jace is everything a girl could hope for. He is swoon worthy, powerful & loyal. I was sooo very happy to learn this book would feature him, because let's be honest, he had more then his share of trouble, and unfortunately, he gets even more this time around. At least, he now got the girl for his trouble haha. Abby was a traumatized girl who's grown into a confident woman and I loved that change in her. She definitely needs to learn some self-control, but it makes for some interesting scenes!  I really loved the two of them together, their chemistry and their fights.

The plot was action-packed and I was totally hooked even though the intrigue was very predictable. I wished Rachel didn't remind us every other page that Abby was hiding something because I figured it all out pretty quickly. It did not hamper my enjoyment of the novel so no harm done.

The conclusion was a killer though! I DID NOT expect that! I had a  couple of possible scenarios in mind, and it wasn't one of them! I would've paid good money to see the face of all those stuck-up alphas at the end and I can't wait to see how the series will evolve from there.

Rachel Vincent is self-publishing this series because no publisher wished to purchase the rights because it had been too long since the last Shifters book. Because of that, the very existence of future books depends on the sale of Lion's Share so I URGE you to purchase this amazing novel and encourage her. I really really hope there will be more novel in the series and I wonder which couple will be next!


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  1. I'm so excited about this one! So very bummed I missed the signed copy event she did. I saw it on FB a while ago and then missed the update that she was doing it. :( I will still order a copy through Amazon though. GReat review!

  2. OOOoh great review!! I cannot wait to read this one! I bought the ebook, but I need to update since Rachel mentioned making a few corrections to it! I also ordered a signed paperback from Rachel, because...I have a book buying problem?! LOL! Yeah, couldn't resist getting a signed copy, so it had to be bought! Once I get caught up with my review books I am definitely diving into this one! Be it the ebook or the real book should it arrive by then! Great review! I am sooo positively giddy and excited for this because, I too, LOVED the Shifters series and cannot wait to see Jace get a happier ending?/moment?/time? Whatever you want to call it! Because I don't want this to be THE END.

    So as I already said, great review! ;)

  3. Thanks Kristin!
    I wanted to order a signed copy, but being international the price was sky high because of the shipping.

  4. Thanks Jessica! Yeah, I would've bought the print to if I were in the US! Jace is a very different person in this one, more mature. and it suits him ^^